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How to Incorporate Luxury Outdoor Decor

Ananas Outdoor Fountain

ou don't cut corners when it comes to decorating your home, so choose the best outdoor decor for your deck, porch, or patio as well. A sizeable weather-resistant rug will define and anchor a seating area. Plus, it offers bare feet cool relief from sun-baked patios and decks and an undercurrent of color.

Large candelabras, lanterns, and exterior lighting systems help set the mood after sunset. Decorative fireplaces and fire pits are a hit with people of all ages, especially because they cast a cozy glow while providing warmth on chilly evenings. Don't let a blast of frigid air send the party indoors; have an attractive patio heater on hand to ensure captivating conversations can continue well into the evening.

Design for all your senses. Planters or decorative urns filled with lush, aromatic greenery will help define a space while artistic elements such as statues and sculptures with interesting details increase visual interest.

For added privacy, erect an attractive fence, pergola, or trellis with verdant ivy. Our patio umbrellas provide privacy as well as a cooling respite from the sun's rays and up to 98% UV protection.

The soothing gurgle of a rejuvenating water feature helps block out traffic sounds and other disturbing noises. Bird baths, houses, and feeders invite the sweet songs of feather friends.

For a put-together look, match your entertaining necessities to your decor. Look for serving pieces, glassware, and other party supplies in coordinating colors or design themes. It's the little touches that create a complete, enjoyable outdoor retreat.