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  • Peace on Earth Crystal-studded Ornament

  • Chinoiserie Hand Painted Egg Ornament (2 Reviews)

  • Olivia Riegel Ornaments

  • De Carlini Ornament Collection

  • Angelo Raffaelo with Flute Ornament

  • Angelo Raffaelo with Trumpet Ornament (1 Reviews)

  • Angelo Raffaelo with Mandolin Ornament

  • Angelo Raffaelo with Violin Ornament (1 Reviews)

  • Crystal Encrusted Dreidel (1 Reviews)

  • Antique Glitter Lace Ornaments, Set of Six

  • With This Ring, I Thee Wed Santa Ornament

  • The Celtic Egg Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Golden Peacock Santa Ornament

  • Diva Dog Chihuahua in Red Velvet Coat Ornament

  • French Bulldog White Ornament

  • Peace Dove 2016 Ornament

  • Diva Dogs Westie in Full Crystal Coat

  • Beagle with Bandana Ornament

  • Westie Union Jack Ornament

  • Glitterazzi International Swiss Santa Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Jeweled Beehive Egg Ornament

  • Union Jack Flag Yorkshire Terrier Ornament

  • Union Jack Flag Corgi Ornament

  • Snowy German Shepherd Ornament

  • Cavachon Ornament

  • Glitterazzi International Dominican Santa Ornament

  • Glitterazzi International Thailand Santa Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Houndstooth Snowman

  • Scottish Terrier with Scottish Flag Bandana Ornament

  • White Schnauzer with Flop Ears Ornament

  • Diva Dog Bulldog in Green Snowy Sweater Ornament

  • Bulldog Ornament

  • Red Maine Coon Ornament

  • Glitterazzi International Bermuda Santa Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Beehive Jeweled Santa Ornament

  • Diva Dog Westie in Union Jack Coat Ornament

  • Australian Shepherd Tri-color Ornament

  • Snowy Siberian Husky Ornament

  • Glitterazzi International Provence Santa Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Jeweled Ebony Egg Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Czech Snowman Ornament

  • Glitterazzi International Tuscany Santa Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Czech Twist Tree Ornament

  • Diva Dog Bulldog in Crystal Coat Ornament

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi with Bandana Ornament

  • Labrador Retriever With Buoy Ornament

  • Glitterazzi International Czech Santa Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Coastal Santa Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Lady Bug Santa Ornament

  • Diva Dog Yorkie in Red Sweater Ornament

  • Brown and White Bulldog Mother with Puppy Ornament

  • Westie Puppy with Tartan Plaid Bandana Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Armenian Snowman

  • Diva Dog Maltese Santa Paws Ornament

  • Scottish Terrier with Bandana Ornament

  • American Shorthair Ornament

  • Golden Retriever Mother with Puppy Ornament

  • Glitterazzi Houndstooth Santa Ornament

  • Diva Dogs Shih Tzu Santa Paws

  • Diva Dog Westie Santa Paws Ornament

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