“Inspired by nature, perfected by Frontgate.”

dazzling realism

Pioneered by Frontgate… we were the first to create foliage molds using actual branches, cutting and tips from trees found in nature. The result is impeccable realism, down to new-growth needles and nuanced color.

industry-leading engineering

From the first sketch to the first shipment, Frontgate works exhaustively with the world’s finest designers and manufacturers so that every element of our trees meets our exacting standards.

designed to showcase

Born to decorate, all of our trees were designed to display your ornaments beautifully without ever sacrificing their lush, symmetrical silhouettes.

legendary quality

You’ll find it in the smallest details…from needle tips to handstrung lights – the brightest, most innovative and longest-lasting available.

the best warranty

We want your tree to become your holiday’s centerpiece for many seasons to come. That’s why every tree we sell comes with a lifetime warranty on foliage, frame and tips, and with a three-year warranty on lights, plus extra strands right in the box.