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Fabric Swatches

Indoor Fabric Swatches

Great ways to see how your favorite fabrics look in your own space.

Shop our complimentary swatches

All of our in-stock and special-order fabrics are available. Discover dozens of colors and patterns, choose your favorite styles, then order our complimentary swatches to see how they would look in your space. Coordinate multiple options to create a look all your own.

Our solid swathes are 4x4, while our patterned swatches are 8x8 to provide a true picture of how patterns will look on your Special Order selection.

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  • Rozala Steel Interior Swatch

  • Tarascan Tangerine Interior Swatch

  • Resort Flourish Embroidered Swatch

  • Natural Linen Swatch

  • Fez Grey Interior Swatch

  • Heir Crimson Interior Swatch

  • Henna Indigo Interior Swatch

  • Kempsy Ruby Interior Swatch

  • Kerema Desert Interior Swatch

  • Conjure Granite Swatch

  • Rozala Parchment Interior Swatch

  • Monte Cristo Cigar Leather Swatch

  • Monte Cristo Red Wine Leather Swatch

  • Gibson Sangria Velour Swatch

  • Atlanta Scarlett Interior Swatch

  • Bingham Riviera Interior Swatch

  • Trounce Graphite Interior Swatch

  • Usak Granite Interior Swatch

  • Gibson Jute Velour Swatch

  • Conjure Birch Swatch

  • Conjure Platinum Swatch

  • Resort Embroidered Stripe Swatch

  • Donnelly Mustard Swatch

  • Donnelly Slate Swatch

  • Sandstone Linen

  • Dearborne Grotto Interior Swatch

  • Black Leather Swatch

  • Resort Variegated Stripe Swatch

  • Gresham Cognac Swatch

  • Stone Leather Swatch

  • Conjure Granite Swatch

  • Mason Stone Swatch

  • Flax Linen Swatch

  • Metal Linen Swatch

  • Galatia Iron Interior Swatch

  • Zachary Chickory Leather Swatch

  • Manchester Vintage White Linen Swatch

  • Braelyn Red Interior Swatch

  • Vogue Gold Interior Swatch

  • Grass Roots Alabaster Swatch

  • Crimson Leather Swatch

  • Coal Leather Swatch

  • Charcoal Linen Swatch

  • Grass Roots Pewter Swatch

  • Brussels Quail Swatch

  • Earth Linen Swatch

  • Stargo Dove Leather Swatch

  • Donnelly Paprika Swatch

  • Raven Black Leather Swatch

  • Bisque Linen Swatch

  • Destiny Natural Swatch

  • Vintage Linen Swatch

  • Aquiline Pewter Interior Swatch

  • Gibson Navy Velour Swatch

  • Cognac Leather Swatch

  • Mason Stone Swatch

  • Echo Taupe Leather Swatch

  • Conjure Birch Swatch

  • Rozala Copper Interior Swatch

  • Avada Natural Swatch

  • Brussels Moonbeam Swatch

  • Brinkley Black Interior Swatch

  • Maximilian Crimson Interior Swatch

  • Brussels Seamist Swatch

  • Braelyn Slate Interior Swatch

  • Manchester Leather Swatch

  • Manchester Cocina Grey Linen Swatch

  • Boswell Stocked Swatch

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