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BR - black-acrylic-aquarium

Black Acrylic Aquarium

  • BiOrb Life 16-gallon Aquarium


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    The modern design of the BiOrb Life Aquariums reveals a breathtaking view into a living underwater world. This aquarium has an advanced filtration system that keeps water cleaner and clearer longer than in traditional aquariums. The aquarium's unique, 24-hour lighting cycle includes natural sunrise, sunset, and blue moonlight phases that providing a fascinating viewing experience. Extra-thick, crystal-clear acrylic face has an illuminated edge effect to highlight shape. Each tank is wrapped ...
  • BiUbe Aquarium

    Available in Black

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    BiUbe Aquarium
    Crystal clear acrylic construction. Slim design is perfect for smaller spaces. Low maintenance. Lid and base bands can be changed to a different color. The BiUbe Aquarium is a stylish, cylindrical aquarium that looks good in any home or office. This high-tech aquarium provides an ideal home for a variety of fresh water fish, and makes a colorful focal point in any room. . . . . 9-gal. capacity.
  • BiOrb 8-gallon Aquarium


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    Plexiglass acrylic globe is clearer and 10 times stronger than glass. Generously sized orbs provide a great environment for fish with more swimming space than a traditional fish bowl. A combination of 5 biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration stages keep water crystal clear and free of pollutants. Can go several months between filter changes. Filtration system and air pump are almost completely concealed in the bottom of the orb. A beautiful example of living art, ...
  • Biorb Flow Aquarium

    Available in White

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    Quiet operation adds calm to your home or office. Utilizes five biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration stages to keep water clear. Extra-thick, crystal clear acrylic face. Built-in 12V LED light. Easy set-up. Contemporary, compact design makes this set ideal for a desk, bookcase, or similarly nontraditional space, while attractive aquascaping and LED lighting add to its aesthetics. Designed to house small fish or shrimp, the aquarium uses a high-performance filtration system to ...