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Steel Slicing Kitchen Knife

  • Set of Three Shun Premier Knives
    Set of Three Shun Premier Knives

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    The Shun Premier 3-piece Starter Set includes three essential kitchen tools: a Paring Knife, Utility Knife, and Chef's Knife. These elegant knives, which are suitable for most cutting needs, are forged by hand in Japan and are prized by chef's worldwide for their durability, balance, precision and light weight. Blade is made of VG-10 hardened stainless steel core, renown for keeping its sharp edge . Distinctive hand-hammered finish reduces drag and quickly releases food from ...
  • Shun Premier Chef's Knife
    Shun Premier Chef's Knife

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    The Shun Premier 8" Chef's Knife is an indispensable kitchen tool. Expertly hand-crafted in Japan, this all-purpose, razor-sharp blade is ideal for a wide variety of cutting tasks, including slicing, dicing, and chopping. Made of stainless steel, it has a curved belly that allows a chef to easily rock the knife through food. The thin profile of Premier's blades results in a lighter knife and less hand fatigue . Distinctive hand-hammered finish reduces drag and ...
  • Set of Seven Shun Premier Knives with Block
    Set of Seven Shun Premier Knives with Block

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    The serious home cook will be able to tackle nearly every chopping, slicing and cutting task with the Shun Premier 7-piece Essential Block Set. This handcrafted Japanese knife set is made using a proven construction technique similar to how samurai swords are traditionally made, enabling you to make easy work of most cutting and prep work for years to come.Includes key pieces of a 3" Paring, 6-1/2" Utility, and 8" Chef's knives . Also comes ...
  • Shun Classic Nakiri Knife
    Shun Classic Nakiri Knife

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    Once you use the Shun Classic Nakiri, you'll understand why chefs and cooking enthusiasts worldwide select this tool. This beautiful and functional knife makes easy work of chopping, slicing, or dicing fruits and vegetables for salads, salsas, stir-fry.Nakiri is Japanese for "vegetable knife". Shun's VG-10 stainless steel cutting core is prized for its incredible edge retention . 16-layer Damascus cladding process results in knives that are sharp, durable, and corrosion resistant . With its ...
  • Shun Premier Santoku Knife
    Shun Premier Santoku Knife

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    The Shun Premier 7" Santoku is a beautiful, Asian-inspired Chef's knife that combines the best features of a chef's knife and cleaver in one utilitarian knife. Designed for cutting vegetables, thin-boned meats, and fish, the slightly curved blade belly and downturned blade tip make easy work of chopping and slicing. The curved belly allows a chef to rock the blade slightly, like a Chef's knife . Especially well-suited for a down and forward cutting motion. ...
  • Shun Premier Bread Knife
    Shun Premier Bread Knife

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    Whether your bread is delicately tender or wonderfully crusty, the Shun Premier 9" Bread Knife will slice to perfection. Its wide, low-frequency serrations and thin, razor-sharp blade create the ideal surface friction for cutting quickly and cleanly through your loaf with fewer crumbs. Distinctive hand-hammered finish reduces drag and quickly releases food from the blade, resulting in fewer rips and tears. Blade is made of VG-10 hardened stainless steel core, prized for keeping its sharp ...
  • Rosle Cheese Slicer
    Rosle Cheese Slicer

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    The unique planed design of our Rosle Cheese Slicer easily cuts perfect, thin slices every time. Many people prefer this design to a traditional wire cheese slicer because you can bear down on hard or chilled cheeses. And with its clean, modern form, this cheese slicer is an elegant counterpart to your favorite hors d'oeuvres tray.Durable stainless steel will not rust. Sharp blade easily slices through the hardest cheese. Blade gap produces uniformly thin slices ...
  • Wolf Gourmet 6-Piece Cutlery
    Wolf Gourmet 6-Piece Cutlery

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    Purchase a 6 Piece Forged Cutlery Set and receive a FREE 6-1/2" SANTOKU KNIFE by mail. Cut, slice and dice your way to delicious gourmet meals with the Wolf Gourmet 6-Piece Cutlery Set. Pairing the durability of high-carbon stainless steel with German-forged craftsmanship, this set provides all chefs at heart with the necessities to prepare an intimate dinner for two or a holiday feast. Includes four knives, honing steel and hardwood storage block. 6-piece set ...
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