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Utility Kitchen Knife

  • Shun Premier Utility Knife

    Shun Premier Utility Knife


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    The Shun Premier 6-1/2" Utility Knife is beautifully designed for a variety of tasks and years of service. In size, it falls between a Chef's knife and a Paring knife, yet its blade is narrower and straighter, making it ideal for precise cutting and a wide range of prepping tasks.Works on everything from tomatoes and onions to meats and cheeses. Distinctive hand-hammered finish reduces drag and quickly releases food from the blade. Blade is made ...
  • Set of Three Shun Premier Knives

    Set of Three Shun Premier Knives


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    The Shun Premier 3-piece Starter Set includes three essential kitchen tools: a Paring Knife, Utility Knife, and Chef's Knife. These elegant knives, which are suitable for most cutting needs, are forged by hand in Japan and are prized by chef's worldwide for their durability, balance, precision and light weight. Blade is made of VG-10 hardened stainless steel core, renown for keeping its sharp edge . Distinctive hand-hammered finish reduces drag and quickly releases food from ...
  • Wolf Gourmet Utility Knife

    Wolf Gourmet Utility Knife


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    Wolf Gourmet Knives offer high-performance cutlery for discerning cooks. With impeccable East-meets-West design and thoughtful features refined over seven decades of experience in commercial kitchens, Wolf Gourmet cutlery weds cutting-edge performance with unparalleled durability to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding chef. Forged from a single piece of specialty high-carbon stainless steel. Tempered and ice-hardened to an exceptionally long-lasting cutting edge. Sharpened to 12.5 ...
  • Set of Seven Shun Premier Knives with Block

    Set of Seven Shun Premier Knives with Block


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    The serious home cook will be able to tackle nearly every chopping, slicing and cutting task with the Shun Premier 7-piece Essential Block Set. This handcrafted Japanese knife set is made using a proven construction technique similar to how samurai swords are traditionally made, enabling you to make easy work of most cutting and prep work for years to come.Includes key pieces of a 3" Paring, 6-1/2" Utility, and 8" Chef's knives . Also comes ...
  • Wolf Gourmet 6-Piece Cutlery

    Wolf Gourmet 6-Piece Cutlery


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    Cut, slice and dice your way to delicious gourmet meals with the Wolf Gourmet 6-Piece Cutlery Set. Pairing the durability of high-carbon stainless steel with German-forged craftsmanship, this set provides all chefs at heart with the necessities to prepare an intimate dinner for two or a holiday feast. Includes four knives, honing steel and hardwood storage block. 6-piece set includes storage block, 10" serrated bread knife, 8" chefs knife, 5-1/2" utility knife, 3" paring knife ...
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