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Vinyl Pool Float

  • Santa Cruz Pool Float
    Santa Cruz Pool Float

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    Meet your new pool buddy. Our Santa Cruz Float is easy to carry and provides durable comfort in the water or on the deck - no inflation required. Puncture-proof woven vinyl mesh is filled with 100% EPS foam, which contours to your body for great aquatic support. In Pool Blue, Kentucky Blue, Lime, Raspberry, Tangerine, Peach, Violet or Seafoam; with white piping . Durable, vinyl-coated polyester blend mesh fabric will retain its shape and color ...
  • Aqua Lounger Pool Float
    Aqua Lounger Pool Float

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    Our spacious Aqua Lounger Pool Float will tempt you to spend entire afternoons afloat on its cushioned comfort. Don't just float - get embraced by the water.Filled with ultra-buoyant foam that wraps around body contours. Oversized, non-inflatable float provides restful support and unbeatable relaxation in the water or on the deck. Puncture-proof woven vinyl mesh will retain its shape and color for years. Made in USA.
  • Noodle Plank Pool Float
    Noodle Plank Pool Float

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    The all-new exclusive Noodle Plank is making a splash with a unique combination of luxurious, highly buoyant closed cell foam and a slim profile that can provide superior support in several different ways. Whether you want to lie flat on your stomach, sit on it like a swing, or curve it under your arms, the innovative design offers a variety of options for you to spend hours relaxing in the pool. Unique, innovative design can ...
  • Aqua Pup Pool Float
    Aqua Pup Pool Float

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    Invite your pooch to join in on the pool fun with our Aqua Pup Float. This bone-shaped floating bed will keep your best friend comfortable in the pool, on the deck or even in the house. Tear-resistant, vinyl-coated fabric surrounds a polyfoam filling for a float that is fashionable and functional. Vinyl-coated fabric covers polyfoam filling . Rugged construction provides superior durability . Resists stains, fading, odors and mildew . Suitable for indoor or outdoor ...
  • Aqua Puff Pool Float
    Aqua Puff Pool Float

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    The Aqua Puff Pool Float is like floating on a cloud in your pool or at the beach. Filled with soft, movable polyfoam that adjusts to your body's weight and position, this pool float provides superior aquatic comfort. Oversized and extremely buoyant. Vinyl-coated fabric resists the sun's rays and harsh pool chemicals. Convenient handle makes removal from the water easy. Easy to clean and maintain. Also great for out-of-the-water relaxing. Made in USA.
  • Sanibel Shell Pool Float
    Sanibel Shell Pool Float

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    Some might say our Sanibel Shell Float is more tempting than an easy chair at the end of a long day. Luxuriously oversized with no inflation required, it features soft polyfoam that contours to your body, providing relaxing support in the water or on dry land. Puncture-proof vinyl-coated polyester blend fabric is easy to clean and will retain its shape and color for years . 100% EPS foam contours to support your body . Each ...
  • Monterey Pool Float
    Monterey Pool Float

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    Enjoy those lazy days of summer at the pool with the Monterey Pool Float. Constructed from puncture-proof vinyl-coated polyester blend fabric, the 100% EPS foam gently forms to the shape of your body. This float provides a stable and relaxing escape that will last season after season with its classic and durable design. Oversized and extremely buoyant . Puncture-proof vinyl-coated polyester blend fabric resists the sun's rays and harsh pool chemicals . Easy to clean ...
  • Original Ultimate Pool Float in Aruba Blue
    Original Ultimate Pool Float in Aruba Blue

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    Our Original Ultimate Pool Float in Aruba is designed for incredible full body support and nearly unsinkable buoyancy. Ours exclusively, this is the most durable float you'll find.Made with a full 1-3/4" of the latest in marine-quality, triple-dipped PVC vinyl closed-cell foam technology. Flexible foam won't become brittle like ordinary rafts or pool lounges. Resists punctures, even when submitted to 90-1/2 lbs. of force. Durable, heat-processed vinyl coating resists the effects of ...
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