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World's Finest Pool Float in Aruba Blue 4.5 5 472 546
very disappointed.... Having always enjoyed high quality from Frontgate products, we expected the same for these floats only to be totally disappointed. As other reviewers note, the floats stick together and the coating peels off. It also stains easily and permanently. After 1 year, we need new floats. I suggest you look elsewhere for a float. December 15, 2012
Great buy!!!! I have looked at Frongate Catalogs before and finally decided to order a lounger for my pool. I have oredered other loungers and when yours arrived I was blown away with the differance in quality. For the price differance I should have bought my other pool accesories from Frontgate. Very superior quality and it seemed like I just placed an order and within a few days the product was at my house. Great buying experience and very impressed with Frontgate's quality. Your company just earned a customer for life!! April 18, 2012
Best pool float?? The float is thick, great color (mango) and sized well BUT, the floats cannot stack for storage or they totally stick to each other and it takes care and time to pull them apart. Also, ours have chunks out of them after just a few weeks and since it is a vinyl coating rather than a clear through product, the white core is now visible. I would not recommend this product and ours are going back. If they cannot be stacked, Frontgate should GIVE the storage rack to the customer when they order more than one! June 5, 2012
Must Have for any Pool I absolutely love this float. This is my second float. The material is soft and comfortable against the skin. My original float is going on its third season and is in excellent condition. When ordering note the the floats come in different thicknesses. I have have one of each. If you are a large person the 3" will really keep you raised out of the water. I'm 120lbs at 5'9" and I float high in the water and the length is wonderful for tall peeps. I highly recommend this float as a must for any pool. Enjoy!! January 14, 2011
Comfortable but not durable I purchased two of these floats last season. They looked terrific at first and are very comfortable to lie on in the pool. The major drawback is that the outer skin is very fragile. It snags very easily, and when two floats are touching each other, their skins stick together and tear, exposing the white foam interior. When they get heated up in the sun (and I live in a northern state where high temps are not that frequent), they stick to whatever they are touching and they tear even more easily. This started happening in the first days of use. Our pool was undergoing renovation for most of last season, so they have not had that much use. By now they are looking pretty shabby. A product this expensive should hold up much better. I would not buy them again and I would not recommend them to others. July 20, 2011
Excellent customer service, bad float Bought 2 floats, one split on the top, the other split inside the pillow. Replacements came via UPS today. Before I could get them out of the box I noticed one was spit inside the pillow, the other was about to split. Have to send all of them back. The best thing about Frontgate is the excellent customer service - wish the floats were as good. June 25, 2012
1 year life We had our floats for 18 months. Warranty is one year. Coating became brittle, cracked, and peeled. Frontgate does not offer a repair kit for the floats. For the price, I don't think the value is there if you need to purchase a new set each season. December 26, 2012
Pool Floats, better than a Box! I bought 4 floats for when my niece and nephews came to visit. I was amazed and shocked at how the kids used them for every conceivable purpose! They laid them all together and lounged on them, put them end to end and tried walking across them, rolled them into a circle and climbed into like a cocoon, piled them on top of one another and floated on top, used them as a fort and hid underneath, used them as a shield against water guns, even played a game of seeing who could stand up on them for the longest before falling off. It entertained them for hours and hours…it was better than getting an empty box where letting our imaginations guide us. Onnly downside (and reason for only 4 stars) in the heat, do not pile them together – the rubber sticks and will tear off the exterior. August 2, 2011
Very Comfortable I recently purchase the worlds finest pool raft, and my, it definitely is fine! However a few things about it that would keep me from giving it 5 stars. For one, I thought I'd love the fact that the raft is super thick. It's great, however on those scorching hot summer days, it would be nice to sink down just slightly into the water. This float is SO thick I only sail right across the surface, without dipping into the water. Perhaps someone who weighed significantly more than me would not have this problem. Additionally, it's so bulky it's hard to carry around. This wouldn't be a problem if my pool were in my backyard, but living in a condo I have a small walk over to the pool. Other than that, the raft is wonderful! Comfortable, durable, and nice looking! June 17, 2011
BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER, NOT SO GOOD PRODUCT I ordered the pool floats and within 2 hours of getting them out of the box, one of the floats had gotten tears in it and the white foam shown thru. So these floats look nice and all but in order to keep them from ruin you must take extreme care because although it said it was puncture resistant, they were easily srcatched and punctured.....Customer service on the other hand-TOP NOTCH...they were quick to send out a replacement and were so very helpful. ALthough I still feel like I have 2 floats that need extra care in order to not get ruined...I am to the point where i put them back into the box each night in order to assure they will not scratch because it seems that the coating easily comes off the float if scrtched even slighty.!!! June 10, 2010
Pool Float ripped!!!!! I have been wanting the Frontgate pool floats for a while. We had other nice pool floats from a pool store and they lasted for years. They were molded with the same material. I assumed the Frontgate floats were also made that way. WOW was I disappointed that they have a thin layer over foam! It rips so easily!!! There are several holes and rips on these floats and all we do is float on them. Frontgate will return them but I have to find boxes big enough to put the floats into in order to send them to Frontgate and get a refund. Next year, we will order the same ones from the pool store. I am really disappointed because these floats are so thick and comfortable... it was like floating on a cloud! September 10, 2012
Strong toxic PVC smell, but yes it floats I have purchased this float before, as the last one only lasted about two years before the painted coating split. This latest one I ordered seemed to have been "dipped" sloppily, as there were bubbles of clear plastic along the sides. I returned it only to find that the next one had the same problem so I gave up and am keeping it, however imperfect. The worst thing about this float is the strong Polyvinyl chloride odor, which (you can google it) is a known carcinogen. Unfortunately the smell never goes away, despite what Frontgate says. That said, it's very hard to find a non-pvc pool float so at least make sure you let it off-gas outside and keep it away from small children. June 9, 2010
Customer Service I purchased two of the world's finest pool floats in Coral. After a month I noticed that the seams were splitting (on both floats). One month later the seams (on each side of the head rest) split open and exposed the yellow foam underneath. I called customer service and explained this to the representative. She was very helpful and had two new floats or order. I do not feel that the product is constructed that well. (Unless I got a bad batch.) Hopefully the new ones don't do the same thing. I appreciated the way the customer service rep. handled my transaction. Because Frontgate stands by it's merchandise I will be a life-long customer. August 21, 2009
pool floats i first bought these pool floats from frontgate approximately 10 years ago. they still were fine, the best floats ever for durability and comfort but started to age after 10 years. Also the colors no longer went with any of our new pool furniture. I just bought 4 new ones (kiwi) as a treat to myself. I was so pleasantly surprised that, 10 years later, the quality of these pool floats (in terms of thickness) seemed even better than the original ones i purchased 10 years ago. how often does that happen? even better, i got them on sale and i swear i paid less for this year's model than the original ones (certainly no more). June 10, 2011
Durability My kids jump on them summer after summer. 3 years later they still look great. February 13, 2014
Does not hold up well Considering what these floats cost, I would have expected better from Frontgate. We purchased 2 of these floats, a red one and a blue one. Both have aged in exactly the same way--poorly. The color does not extend throughout the float. Only the plastic cover is colored. Unfortunately the plastic cover cracked and began pealing by the end of the first season, and they faded horribly. By the end of the second season, both floats were trash and that is where they went. We have a salt water pool and the floats were not in the pool very often. I would not recommend these. July 3, 2013
World's Finest Pool Float in Aqua This float is a fine piece of work. Looking around, the price is about right, and the quality is very good. Being triple dipped with taped joints, this float should last longer than the average floats out there, so I believe that this is a winner. It supports you comfortably and stably. One nice feature is the rippled surface that you lay on. By shifting your weight a tad, you can exchange the water on the mat for cooler pool water. The ripples also keep part of you off of the mat, getting rid of that sticky vinyl feeling to some extent. Purchase with confidence. A good buy, and, NO, I don't work for Frontgate! August 12, 2010
Best float overall! We love our new pool floats! We ordered these after the price was lowered...we have always wanted to try them but just couldn't see paying so much and not really knowing if they were worth the money...but these floats are wonderful! They are extremely durable and look beautiful in our pool, even when we aren't in it! I would highly recommend them to anyone and would say that I have probably spent this much or more on buying the inexpensive blow up plastic pool floats year after year...I am glad to say I won't need to buy any more of those! These are made for the long term! June 5, 2010
Finest Float - not so Fine I absolutely love these floats for their thickness and comfort, however, I have been very disappointed in their color appearance once I have used them for as little as a week. Three years ago, I purchased white with palm trees & the palm trees faded with in a month to nearly white. This year I bought the solid colored hibiscus, and I can see discoloration beginning already (have had the floats 2 weeks) I didn't expect it in the solid colors! The floats are even removed from the pool when not in use. Do not purchase if you are buying for the beautiful colors! June 9, 2010
Floats Although the floats are truly great in the water, very comfortable and very usauble and very buoyant - I have had alot of trouble with the exterior plastic covering tearing (mine are Aqua color). I ordered 3 floats in total - 2 tore immediately (I returned them twice - because the replacements arrived torn as well) and the last one recently tore - but I don't want to go through the hassle of returning - so I put a piece of tape on the tear spot. Frontgate however is was very pleasant on both returns - just a pain to return such a large item. August 5, 2010
Defective floats. Ordered two (2) mango floats. Both arrived on 6/13/13 and were defective. They had cuts inside on the wave wripples and the wave wripples on them were (melted) together in several places. I had waited along time to finally order these floats and for them both to have bad defects was so disappointing. Especially for them to be a high cost item. The mango color is beautiful. Don't know if I can get up enough nerve to order more. These are going back. I really did want these floats. June 13, 2013
great father;s day gift I recently purchased a deluxe pool float for my husband and one for myself. It looked so comfortable and buoyant in the catalog and i could envision the two of us floating around in the pool on a hot day with a cold drink in one hand and a book in the other, I found the floats to be of excellent quality,thick and comfortable.This float is 1 3/4 inch thick I did not realize that Frontgate makes another float that is even thicker.I may purchase that one as well. I am satisfied with the quality,and comfort of this product, Brenda. June 24, 2011
Almost Perfect Float We splurged on these floats because we have enjoyed them at fine hotel pools. They are sturdy, comfortable, and luxurious. We've only had them a few weeks and adults and children use them. The one negative is that they already are getting nicks and scrapes exposing the foam underneath from the edges of our pool and deck. We have relatively smooth pool surfaces. I can imagine how damaged they would get around higher end natural rock surfaces. I hope they hold together for a few years to make our purchase worth the price! September 11, 2010
Not pleased with color durability I was not at all pleased with the color durability of the coral float. It started to fade within a few months of purchasing. Granted we live in Florida but they were only out during the weekend. The rest of the week, they were in the garage. The lime (citron) held up better but also faded. The coral float actually started to split on the sides. I contacted Frontgate and they exchanged both floats for me - this time I got two of the lime green ones because it did hold up better. Frontgate was wonderful with the exchange. October 4, 2009
Certainly are thick Ordered the aqua and mango. Received the aqua first and within days the creases starting splitting. It also arrived with many bubbles in the coating and immediately started flaking. The mango float also arrived with many more bubbles than the aqua float and has started flaking as well...but has not started splitting as the aqua did. Don't think that will affect the buoyancy so I did not return them. They look great minus the bubbles and splitting. Certainly thick and float nicely in the pool, so it gets 3 stars. August 31, 2011
Surprised by early damage My husband I were quite disappointed to note that this pool float sustained surface damage within the first 2 weeks of NORMAL use. In several areas (of a few inches or more) the colored surface wore off sort of in "chunks", revealing the white inner foam core. I hope Frontgate will have a suggestion about repair. This is our second float. Our Aqua Lounger Float served us well for over 10 years but eventually wore out - which is why we decided to try the foam pool float instead. Not sure this was a good move. July 30, 2011
Problem We purchased two of these floats last year and another two this year. They are really wonderful as useful lazing tools in the pool, but when they are out of the water, housed in the rack that we purchased from you last year, even though they are in a shaded area, they stick together wherever they touch and even when we pull them apart very slowly, there are several places that have little tears where they have rested against each other. I don't know if this will alter their bouyancy, but it does concern me. August 11, 2011
Finest Quality After spending quite some time shopping online, we decided that the World's Finest Pool Floats from Frontgate were the ones for us. Upon arrival, we were thrilled with the quality. My husband is 6'4" and these floats are plenty long enough for him. The extra thickness make them extremely comfortable and we couldn't be happier. It's always a little scary buying without seeing, but these are just as great as described. If you are looking for a comfortable, good sized float, these are the ones for you. June 6, 2011
World's Finest Pool Float not so Fine Within a few weeks of purchase (with very gentle use and being stored when not in the pool) I noticed that the foam had split open in two places on the side of the float. Frontgate exchanged the product, explaining that it shouldn't do this even with regular usage and wear and that it must be defective. However within several days of receiving the new one, I noticed, there was a split on the top side of the pillow. Even though the exchange process was easy, now it just seems not worth the effort. August 17, 2010
Low Quality THe floats arrived with a strong paint odor which was unpleasant. After our first use the seams split in multiple places. When we stored the floats in our Frontgate XL storage bin the floats STUCK to the sides of the storage bin. When we pulled them out the paint part broke right off. 1 use!!!! I would have expected so much more from Frontgate. They have replaced the floats however they arrived with such a strong odor that we wont try to use them just yet until they air out. September 14, 2012
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