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The airiness becomes apparent the instant you are ushered through the room's pièce de résistance: the massive, 100-year-old front door is made of 4-inch-thick solid mahogany and stained glass, and was once an entry to the Cotton Exchange in Chicago. The huge doorway opens to the large, sunny great room, which eases you through the house with its uninterrupted view to the back patio and pool area. Sunlight pours into this and every room on the main floor and second-floor gallery from the many oversized and palladium windows.

Compatible Furnishings From Around The World

Not by accident, other rooms reflect an animated rapport between antiques lovingly purchased and more contemporary furnishings with a sense of fun and comfort. The downstairs bar is a prime example.

This eclectic room, complete with a custom pool table that features leopard skin pockets, hums with life. Upgrade your favorite leisure area with Game Room & Bar Décor from Frontgate.

A stained glass and antique wood bar from an English pub dominates the room and makes for a friendly gathering place. Two flip-top game tables and chairs, specially ordered from Italy, are where family and friends gather to play chess, backgammon, or cards. A custom pool table features leopard skin pockets. The eclectic room hums with life. Another serene space Matthew and Debbi favor for a game of chess or a glass of wine at day's end is the intimate portico above the porte cochère. Here, a fabulous view of the Atlanta skyline beyond, with horse pastures in the foreground, is their reward for a home well designed.

Speaking volumes about his love for all things athletic is Matthew's lower-level sports room. Filled with his vast collection of football, baseball, and basketball memorabilia, this is the secluded spot where Matthew and his sons enjoy watching the big game on a wide-screen TV. A playroom especially for the boys and a well-equipped exercise room with private sauna continue the focus on family fun in the downstairs area.

The Heart Of The Home

"The place where we really live is in the kitchen, which opens up to the family room. That's where we spend the most time. It's so open, light, and functional."Complete with state-of-the-art appliances, countertop surfaces of paradiso granite, white Italian-style cabinets, and light gray porcelain tile flooring ("all the kitchen items we've purchased from Frontgate fit right in", adds Debbie), this is the family's meeting ground and "where the kids hang out most," says Debbi. "We love the wide open spaces in the kitchen and family room," admits Matthew. The boys are particularly partial to the plush leather sectional sofa for spreading out while watching TV, as well as the special Lego® table that is ready for construction feats whenever the boys are. The family's octagonal kitchen table was custom-made for sharing meals and conversation with family and close friends. A video camera installed in the kitchen keeps the pool and backyard play area directly off the kitchen under constant surveillance as an extra safety measure, even though the pool, patio, and sweeping gardens are visible through French doors and immense windows that ring the rooms.

Painter Scott Bethay added graceful, Renaissance-style accents to enhance the couple's Old World style. Add your own inspired flair with our Home Furnishings & Décor.

A Personal Painter

Debbi is quick to credit talented painter Scott Bethay for innumerable decorative subtexts around the house. His skills were instrumental in adding the gold-toned fleur-de-lis artwork around the deep blue great room ceiling that soars two levels high. When they first moved in, the great room was all white and "kind of cold," admits Debbi. "Scott really warmed up the walls with color that transformed the whole feeling of the room." He went on to paint faux-marbre columns and design intricate paintings on the walls here and there around the home. "Scott can paint with his right and left hands, even on a ladder 30 feet high. He does beautiful work," reports Debbi. By far, her favorites are the two floating cherubs painted on the master bedroom ceiling; their faces perfectly capture the likeness and expressions of sons Steven and Sam, now ages 9 and 12.

Scott's work also graces the elegant dining room. Above the 15-foot mahogany dining table hangs a gilded chandelier, and on the ceiling surrounding it, Scott's masterful Renaissance-style painting enhances the Old World look. With another nod to the couple's passion for antiques, a prized marble-topped buffet graces the side wall.

Outdoor Living

From the airy kitchen, Debbi can step outside to pick fresh herbs from her outdoor spice garden. Extending the kitchen outdoors, a master grill and ample outdoor dining tables stand ready for entertaining. In the patio space, Debbi has positioned several Frontgate outdoor all-weather rugs underfoot to define the seating and dining areas. "The rugs are very high-quality, and their durability is incredible. I'm always on the lookout for things with style and class and function, and these rugs have all that and more," says Debbi. A 5-foot-deep pool and a cascading waterfall spa offer the family a respite from Atlanta's steamy summers. A side yard play area for the boys and their friends gives them a rough-and-tumble space all their own.

The Design And Construction

Debbi uses several Frontgate all-weather rugs underfoot to define the seating and dining areas. Shop Outdoor Rugs & Door Mats to find your ideal outdoor area rug.

Matthew and Debbi purchased their home site when an 18-acre Buckhead estate was sub-divided in the early 1990s.Set on a hill, the 1½ acres command an incredible view of rolling hills, horse pastures, and the Atlanta skyline. In designing the tile-roofed, Italian stucco, six-bedroom home, the couple worked closely with their home designer, Rodney Mims-Cook. From the beginning, the couple was involved in every detail, from selecting the Brazilian cherry wood floors and Mexican-imported marble tile flooring found throughout the house, right down to the fixtures in every one of 10 bathrooms. (Their favorites: the gold swan fixtures in the master bath.) "We had a vision of just the Italian Mediterranean look we wanted based on another Rodney Mims-Cook home we'd admired. We went through several designs until we had what we wanted. Then we picked out every piece of marble, every slab of granite, every color on every wall. We were our own decorators," reports Debbi, and their inventiveness and keen eye for fine quality and proper proportion is realized throughout the home.

When it came to selecting the builder to construct their three-story dream home, Matthew knew exactly who to seek out, once again. After interviewing four or five other builders, he and Debbi settled squarely on Kirk Turner of Turner Builders. Turner had built a home for Matthew in Alpharetta years ago, and Matthew was able to lure him out of retirement to be the sole construction manager for the new home in Buckhead. "Kirk stayed on site everyday from about 7:00 in the morning to dusk. For 16 months, he worked exclusively on our site," says Debbi. Matthew adds, "If I had just one house-building tip to share, my bit of wisdom would be to have your builder on the site at all times." An added benefit for the Scarboroughs and their soon-to-be new neighbors and a tribute to Turner's professional style was that "all the workers told us our house was the cleanest construction site they'd ever seen," recalls Debbi.

"We took our time with this house," acknowledges Debbi. Patiently, they acquired and stored antiques and other furnishings even while they were still living in their downtown Atlanta penthouse before moving. "Sure, we got crazy with decisions, but in the end we agreed on most things," says Matthew. The couple was able to realize their grand-scale vision by addressing every last detail with almost mutual agreement. They built just the home they wanted for sharing with family, friends, and their community, and that's true as much today as when they moved in over 10 years ago.

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