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When it's time to take down the tree and pack away the ornaments, choose ultra-durable Christmas decor storage solutions from Frontgate to ensure your decorations stay safe and secure until next year. Storing your Christmas decorations properly is crucial for several reasons. It helps to maintain the quality and longevity of your decorations by keeping them safe and protected from dust, moisture, and potential damage. Proper decor storage ensures that the decorations will be in good condition for future use. Organized storage makes it easier to locate and retrieve your decorations when the holiday season comes around again. Instead of scrambling to find your ornaments and lights, you can easily access them from a well-organized storage system. Having adequate storage for your Christmas decorations can also save you money in the long run. If your decor is stored haphazardly or in a way that exposes them to potential damage, you may end up having to replace them more frequently. By investing a little extra time and effort into storing your decorations correctly, you can enjoy beautiful and festive holidays for years to come.

Christmas Tree Storage

Whether you've got a beloved vintage Christmas tree that's been in the family for generations or a brand new Christmas tree with delicately frosted pine needles, high-quality Christmas tree box or storage bag is a must-have. Explore Christmas tree boxes, bags and bins to protect your tree and keep it dust-free from January to December - plus, some options come with convenient features like wheels on the base that make it easier to get your tree in and out of storage.

Christmas tree bags make it easier to set up your tree next holiday season, too. Simply arrange the storage bag beneath the tree when you're putting it up, then cover the bag with a tree skirt for display. When the season is over, pack away your holiday baubles and trinkets in ornament trunks, then fold up the tree branches and pull the sturdy bag up over the still-assembled tree.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Christmas ornaments are special treasures that you and your family look forward to unpacking and hanging on the tree each year, so of course, you want to preserve them in all their nostalgic glory from season to season. Shop for a variety of ornament storage boxes to help keep your beautiful Christmas tree ornaments separated, safe and protected against damage. Some Christmas storage bins also feature covered trays and sliding dividers that easily accommodate various ornament shapes and sizes.

Christmas Greenery Storage and More

Christmas wreath storage bags are ideal for keeping your favorite holiday and winter wreaths in tip-top condition during the off-season, while Christmas wreath hangers let you display them proudly during the holidays. Choose a rolling wreath and garland caddy for all your holiday greenery storage and browse gift-wrapping storage that securely stashes your rolls of wrapping paper and accessories until you need them next year.

Versatile Christmas Decoration Storage

Discover our various storage options for your beloved artificial tree, wreaths, garlands, and decorations. As the holiday season comes to an end, it's time to start thinking about storing your Christmas tree and decorations until next year. Proper storage not only keeps your items organized but also ensures their longevity. There are various storage options available, depending on your needs and space availability. Some popular options include specialized storage containers designed to fit various sized trees, tree bags and boxes for easy transportation, and storage bins and boxes for decorations. Investing in proper storage will help protect your Christmas items from dust, damage, and wear, ensuring they stay in good condition for years to come.

Premium Christmas Storage Containers at Frontgate

There are plenty of gorgeous Christmas decorations and holiday collectibles to deck your halls - all deserving of a spot around your home for years to come, so keeping them protected while they're not in use is crucial for enjoying them next Christmas. That's why we carry a large variety of long-lasting holiday storage containers to protect all your Christmas heirlooms for the next generation to enjoy.