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Nothing conveys the magic of the holiday season quite like the right Christmas tree. Frontgate carries the best variety of Christmas trees to perfectly complement the style of your home. Create a warm and inviting holiday atmosphere by shopping our selection of low-maintenance artificial Christmas trees that look just as stunning as the real versions.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Unlike a real tree that sheds needles and requires regular watering, an artificial Christmas tree is a wise and low-maintenance investment you can enjoy for years to come. Designed to mimic the appearance of real trees, our Christmas trees feature needle-like leaves inspired by trees like noble firs and balsam firs. The evenly spaced boughs leave plenty of room for personalized touches, like ornaments, trim and a beautiful tree skirt, to integrate with the rest of your home decor.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Decorate for the holidays without the hassles of untangling cords and stringing lights with our assortment of convenient pre-lit Christmas trees. The carefully placed bulbs provide lighting all the way around the tree for an even look from any direction. Our trees feature long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lights that provide an incandescent-like glow without transmitting heat. Trees with our patented Quick Light technology feature multiple light settings so you can choose from steady lighting or special effects.

Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

If you prefer the feel of a winter wonderland, browse our selection of flocked artificial Christmas trees. Flocking gives trees a desired snow-laden look you can bring indoors. The powdery dusting is fire-retardant, so you don’t need to worry about flocking near lights. If you love the crisp, frosty look, go with an all-white artificial tree for a fun and festive feel.

Choosing the Right Artificial Christmas Tree

Your tree is the focal point of your holiday decor. Choose the right one for your space by considering a couple of factors:

Your Ceiling Height

Choose an artificial Christmas tree that's at least 10 to 12 inches shorter than your ceiling height to allow plenty of space to add a tree topper without damaging your ceiling. We carry multiple common tree sizes to make finding the right one easy:

  • 7.5 feet: A popular size suitable for 9-foot ceilings.
  • 9 feet: Great for living rooms with higher-than-average ceilings.
  • 10 feet: Perfect for spaces with vaulted ceilings or two-story entryways.

The Width of the Tree

When measuring your space, allow at least three inches of space between the tree and the closest wall to accommodate extra room for Christmas ornaments, lights and other decorations. If you have a smaller space, browse our array of slim Christmas trees that easily fit in hallways or living room corners.

Find more tips and tricks for choosing and decorating an artificial Christmas tree, and get answers to frequently asked questions with our helpful Tree Guide.

Our array of luxury Christmas trees are designed to add a special touch to your space and to last all season long without requiring much attention from you. Browse our carefully selected inventory of artificial Christmas trees and holiday decor online or in-store today.