Greenery Guide

The Greenery Guide

From swags and garlands to wreaths and centerpieces, we untangle it all.

Greenery Guide

Striking Realism

Modeled from fresh branches and cutings, our greenery is incredibly lifelike - down to the new-growth needles and nuanced color.


All the greenery we sell comes with a lifetime warranty on foliage and a 3-year warranty on lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach wreaths to windows?

We offer a variety of implements that make hanging a wreath a snap, eliminating any harm to your home. Magnetic wreath hangers are perfect for any metal surface, while traditional wreath hangers can hook over most doors. View our assortment here.

How do I attach garland to mantles and banisters?

We offer a variety of implements that make hanging garland a snap, eliminating any harm to your home. We recommend using zip ties or a beautiful ribbon. Fishing wire is also a go-to, as are removable hooks. View our assortment here.

How do I change the batteries on battery-operated greenery? How long will the batteries last?

Our battery packs are accessible and easy to use. Simply locate the pack, pop it open and change out the batteries. Lithium batteries will typically last for about 180 hours.

Do garlands and wreaths come with built-in timers?

Yes, our greenery comes equipped with a built-in timer unless otherwise noted.

What does it mean that my lights will last for 3 seasons or 3,000 hours?

We describe the holiday season as November 1 through Jan 15, or approximately 10 weeks. If your tree is lit for 12 hours a day it will last approximately 250 days, which is about three 10-week seasons.

Where can I find detailed warranty information?

Am I able to purchase replacement bulbs?

We do not offer single replacement bulbs or light strands at this time.

How do I change a fuse?

Unplug the greenery and slide up the cover on the plug as indicated by the direction arrow. Remove the blown fuse by wedging a small screwdriver or allen wrench underneath to pry it up and replace with the spare fuse provided in the accessories kit that came with your tree.

How do I replace a light?

Step 1: Find the burnt out bulb. A burnt out bulb is usually pretty easy to spot because it has a black spot in the center or all over. Even if the bulb is colored, the burnt out bulb will be black inside.

Step 2: Pull upward to get the burnt out bulb out of the socket of the string of lights. Remove your replacement bulb from the accessories kit that came with your item.

Step 3: Securely insert the good bulb in the socket where the burnt bulb was.

How should my wreaths and garlands be stored?

We offer a variety of quality solutions. To ensure you greenery lasts as long as possible, proper storage is essential. View our storage assortment here.

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