with The Fashionable Hostess

When Amanda Gluck of The Fashionable Hostess told us she was refreshing her outdoor living room, we couldn’t wait to see it. Her fresh-air space was a stunning study in neutrals, so we had a hunch she might be interested in adding just one thing: color. By quickly swapping out a few pieces, she was able to create a whole new look and feel. “It’s bright and better than I could have ever imagined,” she says. “Everybody should take a space they love and switch out a few accessories. It makes a huge impact.”

 If you’re looking to dip your toe into color in your own space, Amanda recommends a slow and steady approach. “Test out color with smaller accent items like outdoor pillows, lanterns and even decorative bowls. Once you know you love the color in your space, you can go for larger items with confidence!” If you’re all in for your makeover, follow her lead and create a dramatic change with one large item. “A rug can really change the vibe of a space, and this one did just that!”

A pop of colorful accessories blends seamlessly with Amanda’s existing tableware.

“My space was pretty elegant and classic before ... now it feels so bright and cheerful!”

Oversized lanterns make a statement whether or not they’re lit.

A consistent color palette of blues and greens keeps the space feeling both sophisticated and fun.



When Amanda isn’t busy offering her expertise as an Event Stylist and Decor Expert, you can find her at The Fashionable Hostess.

My favorite room in my house is …
My outdoor patio! It’s comfortable and functional (and has the best light for Instagram … confessions of a true blogger!)

My next 5-Minute Makeover will be …
My family room. After re-doing this space with pops of color, I’d love to make it just as fun …

I’d rather host a party than attend because …
Planning a party is like the pre-party to the party … I am the Fashionable Hostess after all.

My go-to conversation starter …
Where are you from? How many siblings do you have? What do you do for fun? I ask a lot of questions. I love to hear people’s stories!

 My signature emoji is …
(If you follow my Instagram @FashionableHostess, you already know I love pink.)