First Impressions: Decorating Your Front Door

There’s no easier way to set the tone for a guest’s visit to your home than a welcoming front door. Giving your entrance a makeover doesn’t just make it pleasant to return at the end of a long day – it also gives your home curb appeal. Here’s our tried and true method for creating a statement-making entrance.


While some may view a seasonal wreath as a finishing touch, we think of it as a centerpiece. Complement your wreath (or wreaths) with coordinating greenery in a pair of planters. And if you don’t have a green thumb, worry not – our lifelike faux shrubs and trees are more than happy to step in.


Speaking of plant-life … your plants need somewhere to live. Select planters that coordinate with the look of your home. Your door’s decor should follow the season’s cue – so lightening up with bright colors and graphic designs in spring and summer is encouraged.


While lanterns are typically thought of for the backyard, we love including them in the styling of the front door. Nothing indicates you’ve thought of every detail more than lit candles greeting your guests. Pro-tip: If you stock your lanterns with our flameless outdoor candles, you can turn them all off with the remote control, without venturing outside.


As with anything decor-related, add your own twist. If space allows, add seating so you can enjoy the space. While it might be easy to default to matching planters, try mixing different sizes of the same style. Your front door is the first opportunity to show people your home’s style, so make sure it reflects that personality.

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