Passion for Perfection: How Really Great Furniture is Made

At Frontgate, our upholstered furniture collections embody our relentless quest for quality. Did you know most sofas are built to last about seven years? Ours are created to last much longer.

We craft these collections – including Barrow, Blake, Jasper, Preston and Sawyer – with the artisan handiwork you’d expect from a custom sofa, and stock them in compelling upholsteries. The quality is in what you see … and what you don’t.

Start with what industry folks call “the ride” – seating comfort established by a sofa’s suspension system. Our heat-tempered, double-coil steel springs are eight-way hand-tied, a time-intensive process employed by only the finest furniture makers. Rows of coils are tied together eight times: from front to back, side to side, and diagonally. This establishes tension between the coils, allowing them to flex together.

Double-coil steel springs are eight-way hand-tied

The method creates stability that keeps springs from shifting, establishing a comfortable sit with long-term support. Meaning your sofa won’t be sagging in spots after a few years.

Next is a lifetime-warrantied frame – constructed of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture-grade plywood. Kiln drying removes moisture, guarding against warping and cracking. Using time-honored techniques, corner blocks are double-doweled for stability. By contrast, sofas with joints simply screwed together risk breaking when dropped or jolted … imagine the possibilities on moving day. Remember, if a frame cracks, you can’t get inside a sofa to fix it.

Our proprietary cushions are plush and comfortable, and they’ll stay that way. Why? The soft foam interior includes flexible coils. A layer of soft batting surrounds them. Around that is an outer casing with a goose down/fiberfill blend – baffled to prevent the down from shifting – and finally your chosen upholstery.

Competitors often use nothing but foam in cushion interiors. That means the cushions will compress or need fluffing after time. Our cushions stay plump without maintenance. Also, a luxury breathable fabric covers the cushion undersides as well as the decking, where the cushions rest. This lets more air exit the cushion when you sit down – allowing for some “give” and providing more comfort.

Our supple, top-grain leathers are hand-tanned, then aniline-dyed for consistent coloration. If you prefer fabrics, we stock hand-tailored velvets, flax linens and more, all with a fine hand. On tufted sofas such as Barrow and Preston, we sew the material into a pattern to give it a pronounced tuft, and then finish it with buttons. All nailheads are carefully hand-hammered, while competitors often use connected strips (with few actual nails) that are only lightly tacked.

Stocking furniture assembled entirely by hand in multiple upholstery options recreates the bespoke nature of a custom order. The result is well-built, comfortable, maintenance-free seating that ships quickly. Most important, this is furniture that lasts. Furniture that promises to be part of your family for years to come.

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