Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Holiday Ornaments

If, like us, you collect new ornaments year after year, you may have run out of room on your tree. Fear not – we’re pioneering new ways to use our most cherished, hand-embellished ornaments. Heirloom-worthy baubles deserve to be showcased all over your home, and there are infinite ways to do so. Here are a few of our favorite …

1. On the table

What better way to give one of our ornate hand-embellished ornaments the attention it deserves than front and center placement at the dinner table? Dinner guests can marvel at the shimmery ornament, and – should you want to create a truly memorable dinner – take the ornament home as a memento of a memorable holiday gathering. Or, company can help decorate after the meal by hanging the ornament on your tree. There’s lots of opportunity here to create special traditions.

2. Served up as dessert

If you have a bounty of serveware, mix in some filled with ornaments amongst your dessert spread. The visual interest will delight your friends and family, and the display can hold court on your sideboard or credenza all December long.

3. Filled vases and lanterns

Any glass container can perfectly showcase your prized heirlooms. For closed-top vessels, like a lantern, carefully flip the container and delicately place ornaments until almost filled. Before flipping back over, place a book or piece of cardboard on top that you can easily slide out once upright. Et voilà !

4. Casually gathered in bowls

This look is easily achieved even if you only have a few prized ornaments left to showcase. Fill the bottom of the bowl with solid-colored filler ornaments or something attractive, like a cushion of tinsel. Then arrange your most eye-catching ornaments in the top layer. So easy!

We know you have your own unique ways to showcase holiday ornaments. Show us by following @frontgate and sharing your photos with #frontgate.