Six Ways to Make Your Mantel Magical

The Florist’s Choice Wreath becomes a classic focal point.

The mantel beckons to be your holiday star. Perched above the fireplace, it’s already positioned as the focal point of the room. Stoke the intrigue of your holiday mantelscape using any of these six ideas.

find the central focus

1. A wreath overflowing with ornaments, ribbon, and faux foliage. Transform this classic element by giving it new context. Hang it on a mirror or antique window. Or simply place a frame around it.

2. An heirloom Nativity. A cherished collectible. A sparkling crystal bowl overflowing with beaded with ornaments. All of these deserve the attention the mantel can offer. Add even more drama with lush swags of faux greenery cascading over the ledge.

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embellish your greenery

3. A mantel swathed in greenery calls for candlelight. For an effortless yet romantic look, fill the mantel with candles in various shapes and sizes – think chunky glass hurricanes, tall tapers, and pillars on pedestals. Create cohesion by using the same color for all the candles, and the same finish for all the holders.

4. Set the mood of the room by embellishing the garland. A garland brimming with whimsical ornaments and candy canes is perfect for a cozy family room. By contrast, greenery lavished with glittered painted branches, shimmering pine cones, metallic fern fronds, and crystal-tipped branch stems is right for an elegant space such as a formal dining or living room.

The Silver & Sage pre-decorated collection lends instant cheer to mantelscapes.

think beyond traditional design

5. Take a modern yet very personal approach by decking the mantel with a medley of crystal-encrusted photo frames displaying cherished holiday memories. Anchor the vignette with a candelabra or a gorgeous mirror. Fill any spaces that feel “empty” with smaller collectibles, sprigs of greenery, or embellished picks.

6. Extend the mantelscape to the hearth. Place a 4-foot (or taller) Santa or a small potted evergreen placed to the side of the firebox. Balance the visual “weight” by adding a sizable decoration on the opposite side of the mantel – such as a coordinating Santa figurine or a trio of heavy candleholders decorated with swags of embellished greenery. When decorating your mantel, have fun and let your imagination run free. As the natural focal point in a room, use it to express your holiday style.

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