We’ve Made Our List: The Top 5 Holiday Decorating Trends of the Season

There’s just something about the holidays that fills us with a sense of wonder, encouraging our playful spirit to run wild. We capture the magic of the season in our homes, infusing them with warmth and merriment around every corner. If you’re looking for some new ways to decorate with festive charm this season, look no further – we’re breaking down the top five holiday decor trends to have on your radar this year.

Jewel-Toned Gems

While traditional red and green will always have a place in our holiday homes, this year they’re sharing the spotlight with highly saturated jewel tones. Whether topping your tree or lining your table, deep blues, lavish teals and opulent purples will bring a sense of richness and regality to the season. A pro tip for maximizing this theme is to design your holiday invitations around one of these glamourous shades. The continuity will wow your guests the minute they walk through your door.

Whimsical and Wonderful

It has long been said that there is magic in the air during the holidays. Embrace that magical world by bringing in the whimsical and fantastical, drawing inspiration from the North Pole or your favorite holiday fables. This trend doesn’t hold back on bringing the drama; if it feels like something created in a dream, it’s perfect for this theme. This is the ideal opportunity for marrying vintage and modern decor. The only limit here is your own imagination.

Natural Wonders

The woodlands are making their way in this season. Earthy, natural elements are being used to evoke an enchanted forest feel. Get ready to see acorn ornaments, animal figurines and faux antler decor. Your tablescape is an excellent opportunity to showcase this trend. Grab authentic materials like pinecones, berries or branches as a centerpiece and tie together with animal themed plates. Your guests will love this playful take on tradition.

Icy Impact

What says winter more than snow and ice? Icicles, fallen snow and raw stone that mimics the look of ice are having a moment. We’re seeing this trend everywhere, from wreaths to ornaments and everything in between. The key to achieving this look is collecting anything white, lustrous and highly tactile. This theme doesn’t need to be limited to decor – bring the icy look to your Christmas cookies or cupcakes for a showstopping detail your friends and family won’t forget.

Luxurious and Ornate

Bring on the embellishments – this trend was made for the maximalists. Think statement pieces radiating with sparkles and flashy detailing. Drape your space in rich fabrics like velvet and faux fur. Rather than opting for a matte, monochrome tree scheme, this trend celebrates mixed metallics, champagne tones and jewels galore to let everyone know the greatest time of the year is here.

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September 23, 2022