How To Mix Outdoor Furniture Pieces

Variety is said to be the spice of life, and this saying does not exclude design. Mixing styles or creating your own set within a single space adds visual interest and intrigue, and can better showcase personal aesthetic. So, if you’re looking to spice up your outdoor space this season, consider mixing pieces that bring different elements together. We’re breaking down some of our favorite collection combinations.

1. Hampton + Carlisle

One way to unite two collections in the same space is to select pieces with similar finishes yet different materials. Carlisle’s solid cast-aluminum frame juxtaposes Hampton’s light and open wicker to create a harmonious display. The similarity in their finishes is the thread that connects them, making them look like a carefully curated pairing.

2. Ashby + Isola

When subtle isn’t what you’re after, go bold and mix finishes. Material as a shared element between your pieces allows you to experiment with color more. Since both collections here feature wicker, the Ashby sofa’s neutral shade lets the Isola chair’s bolder blue shine without feeling too stark of a contrast.

3. Ashby + Avery

Another classic pairing is simple forms with those that are more detailed. The Ashby sofa’s streamlined silhouette with subtle, sloping arms lets the Avery Lounge Chair’s quatrefoil motif get the recognition it deserves. Both profiles lend value to the space’s design, and the shared neutral cushion color keeps them from competing for attention.

4. Palermo + Porticello

Shape is yet another factor to consider when mixing outdoor furniture styles. Maintaining the same shape within pieces allows you to play with materiality. The Palermo Modular Sectional’s wicker seamlessly blends with the Porticello Lounge Chair’s teak because their forms are similar. The result is cohesive and visually appealing.

More Tips for Mixing:

• Don’t change everything – maintain a common thread in your mixing.

• Utilize other elements such as rugs, pillows and umbrellas. They can help unify.

• Airy pieces pair well with solid pieces to create a balance in the weight of the space.

• Make sure the scale of each component makes sense

Need help deciding how to mix your favorite pieces? Connect with our Design Studio today for projects big and small. Plus, discover all the mixing possibilities with our Create Your Own Set program.