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Plants and flowers add a unique natural element to any space, but maintaining real greenery can be a challenge if you don't have a green thumb. Artificial indoor plants give you the look and impact of natural plant life without the hassle of watering and pruning.

Impressive Artificial Flowers

With the range of natural-looking fake indoor plants at Frontgate, you get the beauty of expertly composed artificial flower arrangements. Use these ready-to-go arrangements as a dining table centerpiece enhancing your tabletop design or to add a touch of nature to your mantel. Find artificial indoor flowers in wall hangers, stands and attractive pots that complement your room's decor.

If you enjoy indulging your creative side, we also carry individual artificial flowers and stems for arranging your own indoor flower bouquets that look and feel impressively real.

Realistic Fake Indoor Plants

In addition to beautiful floral displays, our highly realistic fake indoor plants bring nature indoors without the need for sunlight or watering to stay looking wonderful.

Choose tasteful succulents in charming pots to decorate small spaces and larger arrangements of ferns and fronds to complete a hallway or living room. Place plants or stems and vines in our decorative accessories such as vases, pots and baskets to accent your design.

Find artificial indoor plants and flowers representing your favorite botanical varieties at Frontgate for the perfect addition to your home.