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The perfect area rug can add a luxurious feel to your space, conceal an unattractive floor and tie the look of a room together. Use indoor area rugs to serve as the foundation for your living room or dining room decor, or add a bright accent for a touch of signature style. Smaller area rugs can even bring charm to compact spaces like hallways, bathrooms and entryways. Discover how to choose the right indoor area rug for your needs so you can create an elevated look in any room.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape

The right area rug depends on the shape and size of your space, as well as the impression you'd like to create. If you're shopping for living room rugs or dining room rugs, decide whether you'd like your indoor area rug to serve as a full floor covering or as an accent piece.

Full coverage floor rugs should extend underneath your furniture to a few inches from your walls, creating the impression of a large and open space. Accent rugs can sit either in the center of the room as a focal point or underneath a single piece of furniture. With the latter, aim for the edges of your rug to extend a few inches beyond your coffee or dining table. This creates the base for your furniture piece, while still showing off the unique design of your rug.

When choosing the shape of your rug, you can coordinate the shape of your room and furniture for a classic vibe or choose a contrasting shape for a bold look. A rectangular area rug under a square dining room table lends a timeless feel, while a square area rug under a circular coffee table adds a fresh look. Both choices offer the opportunity to showcase your own unique sense of style.

Finding the Perfect Textile

Cozy wool weaves, luxe faux fur and durable synthetics - our extensive selection of fibers makes it easy to find the perfect designer area rugs for your space. Consider the look and feel you want from your rug as well as the maintenance it requires and the amount of foot traffic the area gets.

Low pile and flat weave rugs are often the best for busy spaces, as they're easy to clean on a regular basis. Performance fibers are the most resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for kitchens and hallways.

Medium and high pile rugs offer a plush feel that's ideal for statement looks. The denser twist is more difficult to clean but lends a soft and cozy texture that's perfect for sprawling out on the floor with a favorite person or pet, especially when the rug is paired with a high quality rug pad.

Shopping for Color and Pattern

Browse rugs in refined neutrals for subtle decor, or make a splash with bright and bold vintage wash patterns. The right area rug defines the look of a room and gives you the opportunity to showcase your style.

An understated palette of natural tan, brown or gold creates the perfect base for a monochromatic look and supports accent furniture without overwhelming the space. Rich reds, blues and greens add to an elegant atmosphere and pair perfectly with traditional decor. For a bold accent, play with a smaller rug in white, black, neon or pastel to bring a pop of color to your space.

From full coverage area rugs for your living and dining room to sleek runner rugs to brighten your halls, it's easy to find the perfect floor coverings for your home. Shop the extensive collection of luxury indoor area rugs at Frontgate for unique sizes, shapes and patterns to create a signature look in every room.