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Transform the way your dining room looks and feels by shopping dining room tables at Frontgate. Find expertly crafted dining tables in a range of materials, sizes, and styles to perfectly complement or update your existing dining decor.

Deciding on the Right Dining Room Table Shape

Find a dining room table style that perfectly suits your preferences, as well as a shape that will work well with your room's size and layout:

  • For a traditional look and feel, a dining room table with a long, rectangular shape accommodates multiple dinner guests at one time without feeling overcrowded.
  • In a compact room like a kitchen or a casual dining room, a square dining table can comfortably seat four people.
  • A round dining table can create a statement piece that anchors the room, especially when used in a more open floor plan.
  • A bistro dining table is ideal for more casual, intimate settings where you'll be engaging in laid back, bistro-style dining and entertainment. It's the perfect table for intimate brunch gatherings or wine and cheese nights.

When picking a new dining table, start by factoring in how much regular seating you will need. Remember to think about the seating you will need when hosting guests or extended family, too. A folding dining table is just the piece you need for when extra guests arrive. Don't forget to add on a few extra dining chairs to accommodate the increased number of guests.

Outfit your dining area with a beautiful and expertly made dining room table from Frontgate. Then, complete your room by exploring our collection of comfortable chairs, stylish bar cabinets, and buffets and sideboards. Complete the space with the color and pattern of beautifully woven indoor area rugs.

How to Create the Perfect Dining Table Setting

Creating a luxurious dining table setting involves careful consideration of several elements to evoke an atmosphere of opulence and refinement. Begin by selecting a high-quality tablecloth in a rich fabric like silk or satin, choosing a color that complements the overall theme. Invest in elegant dinnerware, opting for fine china or porcelain with intricate designs. Add layers to the setting by incorporating luxurious chargers, sophisticated glassware, and polished silverware. Consider using linen napkins and embellishing them with ornate napkin rings. Pay attention to lighting, opting for soft, warm illumination through candles or crystal chandeliers to create a romantic ambiance. Incorporate fresh flowers or extravagant centerpieces in coordinating colors to add a touch of nature and vibrancy. Finally, ensure that the seating arrangement is comfortable and stylish, perhaps with plush upholstered chairs. By carefully curating each element with attention to detail, you can transform an ordinary dining space into a lavish setting that exudes sophistication and luxury.