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Bring light and a touch of warmth to your home with table lamps from Frontgate. Discovering the best accent table lamps for your space is simple with many unique and beautiful designs to choose from.

How Tall Should Table Lamps Be?

Usually, table lamps are meant to be eye-level with you when you're sitting down on a nearby sofa or chair, or specifically around 58" to 64" from the floor. Additionally, table lamps for living rooms (or any other room of your home) should never be more than one and a half times the height of the table the lamp will rest on.

Where Should You Put Living Room Table Lamps?

Table lamps for the living room can work in a variety of places, regardless of their size. These are some of the most popular spots to put small table lamps.

  1. Next to a desk: One of the most popular places to set an accent table lamp, a desk is a place where you will most likely spend a large amount of time working or reading, so the extra light from a reading lamp will be welcome here.
  2. Besides your television: If you or your family members often watch TV after the sun goes down, placing a table lamp near the screen will help reduce both glare and eye strain, making for a more enjoyable movie experience.
  3. In the center of the room: Cordless table lamps are great for setting in the middle of your living room on top of a distinctive ottoman to equally illuminate the entire area while adding a unique touch to the space.
  4. Behind the couch: Place a side table lamp behind your couch to easily create depth, making the living room feel both larger and cozier.
  5. In an empty corner: If you have an empty corner in your living room, you can set one of our desk lamps on a table to brighten the corner and fill the space.

Floor Lamp vs Table Lamp: How to Choose

Choosing between a table lamp and a floor lamp for your living room depends on various factors related to your room's layout, lighting needs, and aesthetic preferences. Here are some considerations to help you determine which option might be best for your living room:

Room Size and Layout:

Table Lamp: Ideal for smaller living rooms or areas with limited floor space. They can be placed on side tables, consoles, or shelves.

Floor Lamp: Suitable for larger living rooms or areas where you want to fill vertical space. Floor lamps can provide ample illumination without taking up valuable table space.

Lighting Needs:

Table Lamp: Offers focused, localized lighting, making them suitable for reading nooks, accent lighting, or creating cozy corners.

Floor Lamp: Provides more widespread and ambient lighting, making them great for overall illumination in larger spaces.

Decor Style:

Table Lamp: Works well for a more traditional or formal aesthetic. They can be chosen as decorative elements that complement your furniture and decor.

Floor Lamp: Adds a touch of drama and can serve as a statement piece in a room. Modern or contemporary floor lamps can also contribute to a sleek and stylish look.


Table Lamp: Portable and versatile, allowing you to move them around or change their placement based on your needs.

Floor Lamp: Offers a fixed position but can serve as a room's focal point. Some floor lamps also come with adjustable features for directing light where needed.

Height Considerations:

Table Lamp: Depending on the table's height, the light may be at eye level when seated, providing comfortable reading or task lighting.

Floor Lamp: Consider the lamp's height in relation to your seating arrangements to ensure it provides the desired illumination without being too overpowering.

Layered Lighting:

Both: Consider incorporating a mix of both table and floor lamps for layered lighting. This allows you to create a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing, and functional lighting scheme in your living room.

Bedside Lamps for Nighttime Ambiance

Although the right ceiling lighting and wall sconces are more than enough to illuminate a room, sometimes you need more focused, minimal lighting when you're winding down in your bedroom. Integrating bedside lamps and nightstand lamps into your bedroom not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your sanctuary but also provides a multitude of practical benefits. These illuminating fixtures create a warm and inviting ambiance, fostering a cozy retreat conducive to relaxation. Positioned strategically on nightstands, they offer a soft, localized glow ideal for winding down before bedtime, reading a favorite book, or creating a tranquil atmosphere. Beyond their aesthetic and functional value, bedside lamps also contribute to practicality, allowing you to have convenient access to light for tasks such as finding items or navigating the room during the night without disrupting your partner's sleep. With diverse styles and designs available, bedside and nightstand lamps from elegant sources like Frontgate can be tailored to match your bedroom decor, effortlessly combining form and function for a harmonious and well-lit sleep environment.

Browse Table Lamps & More at Frontgate

With many unique table lamps to choose from - designed to both illuminate and add character to your home - Frontgate is the place for all your tabletop lighting needs. To further add to the beauty of your space, discover complementary wall art, pillows and even a wide array of home scents you'll be sure to love.