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Adorn your outdoor space in vibrant, natural style with fresh blooms and rich greenery. Outdoor planters from Frontgate are the perfect way to reinvent your patio, yard and garden, with a wide range of unique styles to define your decor.

Styling your Space

When shopping for the perfect outdoor planters, begin by assessing the space you'd like to decorate. We offer a diverse selection of planter sizes and styles, making it easy to find something that fits your balcony, entryway or garden.

If you're looking for a garden solution for smaller areas, consider a compact window box planter. The unique style sits over the edge of your window or railing, conserving floor space while bringing a bright splash of color to your decor.

Create a welcoming look in your front entryway with a set of large pedestal planters to flank your door. The raised design elevates your plants or flowers to create an elegant impression and offers plenty of room for creating imaginative arrangements.

Larger gardens offer ample space for planters, providing a wonderful opportunity to mix and match creative styles. Classic urn planters show off flowers, herbs and small fruit trees, while box planters create a large area for mixed arrangements. Complete the space with smaller accent planters to sit on your favorite patio table.

Finding the Right Home for Your Plants

Perhaps you're shopping for the perfect flowers to decorate your space, or maybe you've got a few succulents in mind and are looking for the right way to display them. When you're shopping with an eye for specific plants, consider the growing style of your botanicals.

Versatile plants, like smaller herbs and flowers, can grow in most planter styles, allowing you to play with window boxes, urns and tiered plant stands. Large outdoor planters, like pedestal and box styles, are perfect for fruit trees and floral arrangements, while vertical and wall planters are ideal for climbing plants. For more unique plants, like vines and hanging flowers, consider a stylish hanging planter to bring color and life to your porch or entryway.

The Perfect Planter Construction for Your Home

While all our outdoor planters are designed for style and durability, certain materials are better suited for warm and cool climates. Composite materials tend to hold up best in fluctuating temperatures, while ceramic and terra cotta may crack in freezing weather but are perfect for warm areas.

The activities of your home and garden can also influence your preferred planter material. In calm and quiet spaces, it's easy to enjoy more delicate materials and styles. If you have a busier household with pets or children who play outdoors, consider durable wood or heavy stoneware planters that can protect your garden even in the most bustling areas of your garden.

To care for your plants in style, look for coordinating hose reels and pots that make watering a pleasure.

Decor for any Style

Define the atmosphere of your outdoor space with a wide range of classic garden planters. Play with urn and pedestal styles to create an elevated traditional look, or explore square and rectangular shapes with clean lines for a crisp, updated feel.

Neutral finishes convey a classic look, while vibrant hues and metal planters add a contemporary element. Create a timeless oasis in your garden with a scrolled pedestal planter, or make a paradise with sleek white urn styles.

Browse a wide range of materials, colors and styles to find the perfect garden planters for your space. Whether you're adding a splash of color to your balcony or reinventing your entire garden, it's easy to find garden planters to bring color and nature to your home.