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A home swimming pool is a refreshing staple for enjoying the summer months, greatly enhancing your quality of life. With the right pool patio decor providing the finishing touches, your pool can become the center of your outdoor living space.

Frontgate pool decorations and patio decor help make your poolside as attractive and stylish as any room in your home, creating an ideal place to relax and entertain outdoors.

Floating Pool Lights and Hanging Lights

Create a magical ambience around your pool with our range of colored lighting. Hang globes from canopies and patio ceilings. Then, add floating pool lights with gently glowing LED bulbs to fill your water with color and create a festive atmosphere.

Decorative Pool Mats

Add a stylish mosaic look to your pool's floor with one of our decorative in-pool mats. Our range of swimming pool decor includes tropical and classic designs, along with monogrammed mats for a personalized touch. They're simple to install and create an impressive look while adding extra grip for safety.

Pool Decorations and Accessories

Our selection of outdoor pool decor also includes water-themed towel hooks, decorative statues and pool patio furniture to make your poolside the highlight of your yard. Add an umbrella for extra shade, and use patio storage to keep your cushions and pool floats and beach essentials stashed in the off-season.

Simply browse our pool patio decor, and let Frontgate add the finishing touch of quality and style to your poolside life.