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Outdoor fire pits bring style and warmth to any outdoor entertaining area. Create a cozy atmosphere at your next outdoor gathering so family and friends can spend hours enjoying the ambient warmth as they sit together around your fire pit or fire table. Our range includes a selection of gas fire tables and wood burning outdoor fire pits to suit the size and feel you want to achieve in any exterior space.

Outdoor Style

Create a contemporary feel for your outdoor entertaining area with any of our gas-fired fire tables. Alternatively, you could add a touch of tradition by placing your outdoor furniture around a wood burning fire pit made from durable copper and stainless steel.

Choose from round, square, hexagonal and rectangular fire tables in a variety of finishes, styles and colors, complete with a wide rim for cocktails or snacks to create a welcoming outdoor feature for friends to gather around. Add a stylish centerpiece to your outdoor living area with our range of round fire tables, or set the mood with modern fire tables that encourage a more informal setting.

No matter what look or style you want to achieve in your outdoor living area, create the atmosphere you want from our range of quality outdoor fire pits and tables.