Elevate your outdoor living space by adding comfortable outdoor furniture from Frontgate that you'll frequently find yourself relaxing on. Find complementary garden furniture and patio furniture in our large collection that can make any backyard, garden, or other outside area a gathering spot for friends and family.

Complete Your Outdoor Decor with High-End Outdoor Furniture

All of our outdoor furniture easily elevates the ambiance of any space and is created with both comfort and durability in mind. Our high-end outdoor furniture is ideal for those worried about the toll nature takes on any outdoor furniture with repeated exposure to the sun, wind and rain. Frontgate's outdoor furniture is built with a variety of both artificial and traditional materials that offer incredible beauty with a natural look that resists the sometimes harsh elements throughout the years.

Popular choices for outdoor furniture, wood and wrought iron options provide a timeless and sleek look that many find appealing, although contemporary materials such as aluminum and resin are frequently found in many backyards and patios due to their appealing modern aesthetic. For a unique look that'll be sure to draw attention at parties, consider pairing an outdoor chair in a modern style with a bistro table created using classic ideals.

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

Providing both comfort and style to those enjoying the world's natural beauty, outdoor furniture is an essential part of any outdoor living space. However, as time passes, outdoor furniture can get stained by the elements which is why it's important to periodically clean the furniture. The below method can not only be used with outdoor sofas and sectionals, but with cushioned outdoor chairs, bar carts, and bar tables, too.

By using warm water, dish soap and your choice of brush or sponge, you can eliminate even the most unsightly of stains. Simply remove each cushion of the outdoor furniture and sweep away loose debris to begin. This will already go a long way toward making each cushion look cleaner. For the remaining stains, carefully wash with warm water and dish soap and lightly scrub with a sponge or brush. Eventually, you'll begin to notice the stains disappearing, at which point you should rinse off the soap with cold water and wait for each cushion to dry. If the above cleaning process does not appeal, you can avoid common stains and damage caused by the elements by using a furniture cover that can be quickly and easily placed and removed whenever you wish.

Find the furniture that looks great and feels great at Frontgate. Once you've decided on your choice of outdoor furniture, add finishing details to your outdoor decor with small planters, rugs, lighting, and more that will turn your outdoor living space into a frequent gathering spot for friends and family alike.