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Choosing Welcome Mats for Your Home

Create a welcoming entrance into your home while keeping away dirt and dust with the broad selection of front door mats at Frontgate. Bring a unique personality to any entryway by browsing our array of welcome mats in a variety of styles and textures to complement your design preferences.

Greet Guests in Style

Front door mats are among the first things visitors see when they arrive at your home. Add a polished finish to your doorways by choosing from indoor and outdoor welcome mats in a range of colors, shapes, sizes and materials. Send a cheerful message with a mat printed with greetings or graphics. Select a timeless design for year-round use, or reinvent your doorway each season with outdoor door mats that reflect the time of year.

Add Character to Entryways

Placing door mats at your front and back doors is a small step that can make a tremendous impact. With dozens of exciting options to choose from, you can find a mat well suited to environmental conditions and the aesthetics of your entryway. Welcome mats bring warmth and charm to the entrances of your home and give visitors a sneak peek into your decorating style.

Protect Your Floors and Keep Dirt Out

Inside and outside door mats do more than just delight the eye - the right ones can help keep your floors cleaner. Reduce the amount of sweeping and mopping you need to do by placing quality-made door mats at every entrance. Crafted with top-quality materials, our entryway mats have textured surfaces that help catch dirt and dust particles, preventing them from getting tracked into your house.

Find a Doormat for Every Setting

All our outdoor mats are designed to stand up to the elements for long-lasting use. Many styles are crafted with natural materials like coir with thick, bristled textures that whisk away mud and dirt and maintain their appearance over time.

For humid settings that get lots of rain, look for Water & Dirt Shield™ door mats that absorb dampness and impurities or utility mats made from rubber and synthetic materials that stand up to mold, mildew, and moisture, too. If your entryway receives a lot of afternoon sunlight, fade-resistant door mats will remain vibrant longer, and for doorways that get heavy foot traffic, a rubber mat is durable enough to endure daily wear and tear and will help prevent slips and falls.

Create a Cohesive Look and Enhance Existing Decor

Front door mats offer more than just a functional spot to wipe off shoes, they make a fashionable addition to any space, too.

When picking new welcome mats, consider the existing design elements in your space to tie your look together. For instance, when placing a mat inside your doorway, choose colors or patterns that pair well with your interior design. Choose door mats with neutral colors and black lettering for a classic look that never goes out of style, or opt for splashes of colors to add friendly flair to your home's exterior.

Similarly, when choosing an outdoor welcome mat, pick a design that complements any nearby outdoor rugs or outdoor pillows on your porch. Or, add visual interest by opting for entryway mats that add a touch of contrast to your current design theme.

Style Your Doorway for Each Season

Use welcome mats to redecorate your home during each changing season of the year. Mats with floral themes or nature-inspired designs look great in the spring and summertime. Door mats featuring autumnal colors or motifs reflect the fall season's harvest, while our bright and festive holiday door mats let everyone know you're ready to celebrate the winter season in style.

Get a Custom Touch with Personalized Door Mats

Lend a personal touch to your entry with personalized door mats that proudly display your monogram. Explore a variety of high-quality designs that you can customize with your initials or name to accent your deck, porch or patio with a special touch. Order one for yourself and one as a thoughtful gift new homeowners will appreciate.

Explore our door mat guide for help choosing the right design to create a stylish entryway at Frontgate. Then, complete your outdoor oasis with our collection of fire and heaters, outdoor decor and accessories, and comfortable patio seating solutions. Search our broad selection of indoor and outdoor front door mats here today!