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Incorporate maximum comfort into your patio space with an impressive selection of all-weather indoor/outdoor pillows from Frontgate. Outdoor throw pillows for patio loveseats and sofas are made with durable, sun- and rain-resistant fabrics and fast-drying, mildew-resistant filling, making them ideal for any climate.

What Shapes Do Outdoor Patio Pillows Come In?

Patio pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes include:

  • Square: The classic square pillow brings bold lines and symmetry to your outdoor space.
  • Lumbar: Designed to support the lower back, lumbar pillows are rectangular and often pair with square pillows to add interest to your patio seating setup.
  • Bolster: The cylindrical shape of a bolster pillow makes it ideal to use as an armrest or back support. Toss a few on your outdoor couch or sectional for a decorative touch and comfort.

For larger patio furniture pieces, like outdoor daybeds and sectionals, try a combination of pillow shapes and sizes to keep things interesting.

Which Prints and Colors Look Best on Outdoor Pillows?

Frontgate carries high-quality outdoor pillows in a range of colors and patterns. The best pillows for your space are the ones you like most. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns, such as stripes with florals or leaf prints with geometric shapes.

Coordinate your pillows with the right outdoor cushions to tie together the design theme. Outdoor pillows come in many different patterns that share the same color palettes, making it easy to get creative with unique combinations that liven up your patio without clashing. If you already have an outdoor rug or other furniture with a pattern you love, solid-color pillows make it easy to find a match. When you want something other than solid pillows, choose from our many popular prints and pattern options.

  • Floral: Amplify the organic vibe of your patio space with the lush charm of a floral outdoor pillow, whether you like your flower prints big and bright or small and subtle. Floral designs run the gamut from highly graphic to beautifully impressionistic - and everything in between.
  • Stripes: Ranging from thick stripes to ultra-thin stripes, this timeless print has a wealth of variations that can help tilt your outdoor design towards linear perfection.
  • Fronds: Tap into the relaxed mood of a palm frond design, a popular print that is both eye-catching and soothing to the eyes - and lends an easygoing flow to your patio decor.
  • Paisley: Colorful and full of movement, paisley prints bring a touch of maximalism to your outdoor design aesthetic.
  • Ikat: The Indonesian ikat dyeing technique results in a vibrant, organic pattern that brings a unique look to your patio, whether you choose a limited palette or one with a multitude of hues.
  • Damask: Bring the grandeur of the 19th century to your outdoor space with this lustrous, versatile fabric that can be as casual or elegant as you want.

What Are Outdoor Pillow Covers Made Of?

Outside throw pillows from Frontgate feature covers made with fast-drying fabric that's resistant to fading, mold and mildew. These include acrylic, cotton and polyester fabrics. Many of our pillows and replacement cushions are covered with Sunbrella™ fabric, which is made from 100% acrylic material. Because the material is solution-dyed, the color penetrates to its core, making it highly fade-resistant. Sunbrella fabrics are extremely durable, breathable and easy to clean, making them great for worry-free outdoor use.

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Pillows Clean?

Most pillows for outdoor use are machine washable and/or have zippered covers that you can remove to launder. Check the care instructions before you toss them in the washer, though. Pillows with non-removable covers that can't be machine washed can be spot treated with a mild laundry detergent and a damp microfiber cloth.

Find a wide variety of outdoor pillows at Frontgate to bring comfort and style to your deck, porch or patio. Shop by shape, color, pattern or size to find just the pillows you need to enhance the comfort and beauty of your outdoor home.