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Elevate your poolside activities with our selection of premium pool floats at Frontgate. Create a fun and relaxing atmosphere that family and friends will love with colorful floating pool chairs and pool floats.

Types of Luxury Pool Floats

Enjoy floating in the water and basking in the sun with comfortable and stylish pool floats in an array of designs, styles, and materials, including foam, buoyant bead filling, mesh, and inflatable vinyl. The perfect solution for kids who are ready for an aquatic adventure, grown-ups who are looking to relax, and anyone in between, our versatile pool floats come in popular designs everyone will love:

  • Pool noodles
  • Pool chairs and seats
  • Pool chaise lounges
  • Full-length floats
  • Water hammocks
  • Ottomans and caddies

Stylish Pool Floats with Practical Features

When shopping our selection of pool floats for adults and kids, refer to our pool guide and look for the following features to maximize your pool or beach experience:

  • Function: Lightweight and flexible lounge-style foam pool floats deliver outstanding support and incredible buoyancy. Complete pool float collections that include everything you need to make the most out of every water-time activity.
  • Comfort: Floating pool chairs with oversized armrests, cushioned backs, and attached ottomans allow you to put your feet up and spend a luxurious day on the water while catching some rays.
  • Durability: Heavy-duty vinyl-dipped pool noodles resist sun, chlorine, and water damage for countless seasons of fun. Crafted with materials that won't fade, peel, or crack, pool floats at Frontgate are designed to offer uninterrupted seasons of splashing fun.

Lounge in Luxury

The benefits of high-end, luxury pool lounge floats for adults include increased relaxation and comfort while enjoying time in the water, improved support for the body, and a stylish and sophisticated addition to any pool area. These practical floats for pool use feature high-quality materials and innovative designs that provide a superior experience for users. They can enhance the overall atmosphere of a pool party or gathering, making them a worthwhile investment for those who enjoy spending time in the water.

Function Meets Fashion

Can pool floats double as decor? Pool float designs from Frontgate combine eye-catching forms and rich colors that accentuate your outdoor decor. All our floats and rafts are made with high-quality materials resistant to the effects of chlorine, UV rays, and cannonball splashes! Pull them out again and again for fun, festive gatherings. A pod of shiny, textured pool noodles drifting across the water adds visual excitement to a large outdoor soiree, while a school of floating chaises sends inviting, fun-filled vibes to a swim party. Whether you're hosting friends or it's just you and the sunshine, our colorful, cushiony pool chairs, and other pool floats let you enjoy the pool for as long as you want.

Make Your Pool Days Fabulous with Float Accessories

Give your floating sessions more lift with float accessories. There's no sense in paddling back to the pool ledge when you can reach over and grab your icy-cold beverage out of a floating pillow drink caddy designed to hold enough for everyone. Give your favorite pool float an extra layer of comfort and protection with a flexible mesh cover that slips on and zips up with ease.

Whether you're lounging at home in your pool or venturing out to a local recreation spot, picking the right outdoor pool float is a great way to make the most of a sun-drenched day on the water. Find beautiful and durable pool chairs, pool noodles, and other floats for pool-life inspiration at Frontgate. Shop our collection of pool floats for adults today to start enjoying your time in the water even more.