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Protect your home and your pets with a sturdy and stylish pet gate from Frontgate. Explore a variety of pet essentials, including freestanding and fixed pet gates for dogs in different styles to find the perfect fit for your home.

Freestanding Pet Gates for Any Space

Create a barrier to keep your pet from entering a room or create a special contained space for them with a versatile freestanding pet gate. Foldable designs make it easy to barricade smaller spaces like hallways or to shape enclosures for your pet. If you need to adjust your gate to a precise length, try a retractable pet gate. When it's time to store your pet gate or move it to a new location, simply retract the gate for a convenient and compact solution.

Fixed Pet Gates for Stairs and More

Create a sturdy and dependable barrier for your hallway or stairs with a fixed tension pet gate. Designed to fit securely in your space, these expandable pet gates offer a secure fit without damaging your walls or floor. Give your pets easy access with a walk-through pet gate featuring a built-in door, so you can let them out without having to move the gate.

Discover pet gates and mesh pet gates in sturdy metal designs at Frontgate. In our selection, you can find a pet gate with a door, a folding pet gate or a retractable pet gate to suit your pet's needs. Complete your furry friend's setup with pet beds, dog crates and more pet accessories like bowls and mats.