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Dishwasher Safe Mugs

  • Costa Nova Astoria Mugs in Mint Finish, Set of Six
    Costa Nova Astoria Mugs in Mint Finish, Set of Six

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    Skilled artisans use the best natural resources and classic European ceramics techniques to handcraft our Costa Nova Astoria Mugs. Subtle contours, graceful shapes and nostalgic design elements are accentuated by the high-gloss glaze and classic colors. The single-fire process creates a unique ceramic body with a special bond between the clay body and the glazed surface. It's a deceptively simple yet versatile collection that helps turn any gathering into a special occasion. Handcrafted, ...
  • Wren Mug, Set of Six
    Wren Mug, Set of Six

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    Low-profile design effortlessly transitions between traditional and modern decor. This understated and versatile mug features durable reinforced china construction. Durable reinforced china . Vitrified china is made with added alumina oxide - the material that makes up sapphires - to enhance its strength, and is then fired twice for extra durability. Dishwasher safe.