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Gold Color Wall Art

  • Butterfly Wall Art by Copper Art
    Butterfly Wall Art by Copper Art

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    Welcome spring into your home with our fabulous Butterfly Wall Art. Ten vibrantly-colored butterflies, wings spread wide, ascend across an outdoor wall, with fluttering wings of glossy gold, teal, and emerald. This display is nearly 4' high, and features remarkably realistic butterfly markings. Handcrafted by artist Mark Malizia. Durable stainless steel . Enameled look is created with color-enhanced heat patina applied over the stainless steel . Place under a porch roof or overhang to ...
  • Banded Angel Fish Wall Art
    Banded Angel Fish Wall Art

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    Enjoy a close-up of sea life when you add our brilliant school of fish to your garden wall. Four vibrantly colored banded angelfish swim together amongst glossy green-and-gold seagrass, above a copper-hued shell.Shining ocean life art handcrafted from durable stainless steel. Iridescent finish is created with a color-enhanced heat patina, applied to the stainless steel. Display in a covered area, out of direct sunlight, for longest color life. Clear coat finish makes it suitable for ...
  • Angelfish and Blue Tang School Wall Sculpture by Copper Art
    Angelfish and Blue Tang School Wall Sculpture by Copper Art

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    Let the tranquil beauty of our Angelfish with Blue Tangs Wall Sculpture wash over your open-air living space. With a mesmerizing mix of metallic blues, greens and golds produced by applying a heat patina to stainless steel, this handmade artwork beautifully communicates the vibrancy and grace of each species. A Frontgate exclusive, the dramatically-sized sculpture is suitable for covered outdoor spaces.Handcrafted by artist Mark Malizia. Due to the handmade nature, each piece may feature ...