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Grapefruit Candle

  • Moodcast Scented Candle
    Moodcast Scented Candle

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    Each wax-blend candle features a wonderfully layered, complex scent that has been skillfully crafted by a master perfumer to help bring out a pleasant mood or memory. It is poured into a colored glass candleholder specially designed with a high-gloss circle to allow the flickering flame to shine through. Its sophisticated presentation is complete thanks to a matching, jewelry-style gift box. Coconut wax blend or fully refined paraffin and soy wax blend. 8.2-ounce candle. Glass ...
  • Voluspa 3-wick Octagonal Tin Candle
    Voluspa 3-wick Octagonal Tin Candle

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    This fabulously fragrant, hand-poured coconut wax candle comes in an octagonal tin with gold speckling and a matching lid embossed with an iconic vermeil star. It has three 100% natural cotton wicks to provide a wider melt, brighter flame and more intense scent. Each 12-ounce candle burns for approximately 50 hours and is made using ecologically conscious materials and techniques.Hand-poured, 12-ounce coconut wax candle. Reusable octagonal tin with matching lid featuring a vermeil star . ...
  • Lux 14 oz. Everyday Candle
    Lux 14 oz. Everyday Candle

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    Add an extra air of elegance to any room with a fabulously floral candle. Each handcrafted candle features an artisanal oil-based fragrance with a handmade zinc-core wick in an opaque glass candle holder. Premium paraffin blend wax candle. Glass candle holder . Handmade zinc-core wick. Gift box. Fragrant oil-based scents:. Blue Hydrangeas features the scent of fresh, spring hydrangea blooms. Cape Jasmine features southern jasmine and freshly cut gardenias . French Lavender recreates the ...
  • LAFCO Room Mist
    LAFCO Room Mist

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    Instantly perk up any room, office or car with a single spritz of naturally scented mist. Each essential oil-based fragrance is specially blended and concentrated to provide a pleasant, natural scent that will last up to two hours. Natural, essential oil-based fragrance. Champagne features the scents of grapefruit, lemon and ginger with hints of rose, neroli orange blossoms and verbena. Feu de Bois provides the scent of a subtle wood fire into your home with ...