Cleaning & Maintenance

IMPORTANT: Your Glass Blending Jar, Shaving and Blending Blades are subject to wear during normal use. Always inspect for nicks, chips, or cracks. Always inspect for broken, cracked, or loose blades. If the jar or Shaving and Blending Blades are damaged, do not use.

Be sure to rinse the Shaving Blade and dry thoroughly before storage. Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the unit. The Ice Reservoir Lid, Ice Reservoir, Shaving Paddle, Ice Hopper, Shaving Blade Assembly Nut, Shaving Blade, Blending Jar Lid, Glass Blending Jar, Blending Blade, Blending Blade Sealing Ring, Jar Base and Ice Melt Reservoir can be safely washed in the top rack of your dishwasher.

WARNINGS: Unplug unit before cleaning. Do not place fingers inside the Ice Hopper near the Shaving Blade or Blending Blade. Both blades are sharp. Handle carefully. Do not use solvents. Never immerse the unit in water.


1. Make sure unit is unplugged. Place on a clean dry surface. Turn the unit so the back is facing you.

Push down on the Ice Reservoir Release Button. Lift the back of the Ice Reservoir and remove.

This will expose the Shaving Paddle and Ice Hopper.

Note the location of the Shaving Blade inside the Ice Hopper.

2. Remove the Shaving Paddle: Press the button located behind the Ice Chute. If the button cannot be pressed, rotate the Shaving Paddle for a half turn and retry.

While pressing the button, rotate the Shaving Paddle counter-clockwise (to the left) by placing fingers in the ridges of the Shaving Paddle and unscrew. This will expose the Ice Hopper and Shaving Blade.

To re-assemble the Shaving Paddle, simply replace it into the threaded insert and rotate clockwise. Hand tighten only.

3. Press the two Ice Hopper release catches and lift the Ice Hopper to remove.

Please note, your Ice Hopper comes with one of two types of Shaving Blade Assemblies; 1. Shaving blade assembly nut, or 2. Ice deflector blade assembly.

Follow the below instructions to safely remove the Shaving Blade assembly from the Ice Hopper:

4a. Turn the shaving blade assembly nut counter clockwise (to the left) and remove, then remove the Shaving Blade and store in a safe place.

4b. To remove the ice deflector blade assembly, push and slide the u-lock upwards and pull the ice deflector blade from the ice hopper and store in a safe place.

5. Carefully lift the Glass Blending Jar straight up to remove. The Ice Chute is spring-loaded and can be pushed up. If the Bending Jar is not easily removed, rock gently and lift. Do not twist.

6. Turn the Blending Jar upside down and unscrew the Jar Base counter clockwise (to the left). Carefully remove the Blending Blade, and Blending Blade Sealing Ring.

7. Remove the Ice Melt Reservoir: Hold the unit still and pull straight out on the handle.