Shaping Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Ensure that your Christmas Tree looks incredibly realistic with these easy-to-follow tree shaping instructions:

  1. Light the tree so you can see how your holiday evergreen will look to guests. Turning on the lights also makes it easy to identify any bulbs that may be dislodged or misplaced: Push any loose bulbs back into their sockets and rearrange the string of lights until your Christmas tree shines to your standards.
  2. Separate the tree branch tips to form a "V" shape.
  3. Fluff the needles by separating them. Tip: It helps to wear cotton work gloves when fluffing needles to avoid scratches and skin irritation.
  4. Make sure each tip is spread out, and that no two branches touch each other.
  5. Starting with the bottom row, position tree branches parallel to the floor.
  6. Angle the tops of the branches slightly upward, as they would be if they were growing towards the sun. With each successive row, make the upward angle of the branches more pronounced.
  7. Position the inner branch tips to hide the center of the Christmas tree.
  8. Arrange the uppermost section of the artificial tree so that branch tips are evenly spaced and pointing upward.
  9. Step back and review your Christmas tree: Adjust branches and tips as necessary to give the tree a fuller appearance.