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Discover everything you need to know about the world’s most beautiful greenery.

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All About Greenery

Check out this guide to learn the best ways to infuse your home with faux greenery this holiday season.

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What Size Wreath Do I Need for My Door?

For a standard 36"-wide front door, we suggest a 24" diameter wreath. We also offer larger wreaths for oversized doors, as well as magnetic hooks and over-the-door wreath hangers that make hanging your wreath a breeze.

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The World’s Most Beautiful Greenery

Striking Realism

Our greenery is impressively realistic... down to new-growth needles and nuanced color. We were the first to create foliage molds using branches and tips found in nature, and we continue to do it best.

Brilliant Lights

Strategically hand-strung for maximum brightness, long-lasting LED lights mean our pre-lit greenery shines all season long.

Lasting Quality

Each piece is carefully crafted and durably designed, so it will create special celebrations season after season.


Christmas Cheer Greenery

Full, realistic pine and fir sprays with red berries, real pine cones and bright LED lights.

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How-Tos & Inspiration

Christmas Cheer Year After Year

Our long-standing customer-favorite greenery collection has expanded again... and is great to add to each year.

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Decorating With Garlands

Find easy and unexpected ways to use garlands in your holiday decor.

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How can we help you?

  • I bought a tree/greenery over a year ago and the lights don’t work this year. What should I do?

    Every tree purchased on or after August 20, 2019, comes with a limited three-year warranty on foliage, frame, tips and factory-installed lights. For trees purchased prior to August 20, 2019, please contact Customer Service at 888-263-9850 for warranty information.

    First, try to troubleshoot the issue using the troubleshooting guide that came with your tree or using our online guide

    If, after troubleshooting, you still cannot get the factory-installed lights to work, contact Customer Service at 888-263-9850 to file a warranty claim. If the lights are still under warranty and are not damaged because of misuse, neglect or intentional alteration, we may send a new strand of lights to weave into the area where the lights aren’t working.

    We do not have sections of trees to send, and we do not replace trees with malfunctioning lights if they are within the 3-year warranty period for the lights.

  • What types of lights are on Frontgate trees and greenery, and how long should they be left on?

    Most of our artificial trees and greenery are pre-lit with hand-strung lights that are ready to use when properly assembled.

    All of our 7-1/2-foot and larger trees have energy-efficient, long-lasting LEDs (light emitting diodes). You should not leave your tree on all day when using any type of light. Either set a timer, or manually turn your tree lights on when you are home and awake to enjoy them, and turn off if you are away or sleeping.

    Although LED bulbs remain cool to the touch, they should be left off for extended periods of time to give the wire and power box time to cool.

    Much of our greenery – including garlands and wreaths – comes with built-in, in-line timers (unless otherwise noted in the product’s Overview).

  • What is the difference between molded PE tips and PVC needles?

    PVC is shorthand for Polyvinyl Chloride. Traditional artificial Christmas tree needles have been made from PVC since they were first introduced to the market. The material is pressed into thin, rectangular needle-like strips and affixed by wire.

    PE is shorthand for Polyethylene. This material is used in the creation of realistic, state-of-the-art trees that are modeled to replicate the appearance of real evergreens. Branch specimens are gathered from the forest, molded and then infused with the PE polymer to create the most lifelike trees on the market.

  • What does it mean that my lights will last for 3 seasons or 3,000 hours? Do trees have timers?

    We describe the holiday season as November 1 through January 15, or approximately 10 weeks. If your tree is lit for 12 hours a day, it will last approximately 250 days, which is about three 10-week seasons.

    Many of our trees and greenery – including garlands and wreaths – do come with built-in, in-line timers (as noted in each product’s Overview).

  • How should my tree and greenery be stored? There are several ways to store your tree and greenery. Do not store them in their shipping boxes. We offer a variety of quality solutions from standing tree bags to rolling boxes. It is important that all branches are folded gently with limited pressure to prevent damage. View the assortment here.
  • How do I attach garlands to mantels and banisters?

    View our hanging ties and accessories

    We offer a variety of implements that make hanging garlands a snap, eliminating any harm to your home. We recommend using zip ties or a beautiful ribbon. Fishing wire is also a go-to, as are removable hooks.

  • How do I attach wreaths to windows?

    View our hanging ties and accessories

    We offer a variety of implements that make hanging a wreath a snap, eliminating any harm to your home. Magnetic wreath hangers are perfect for any metal surface, while traditional wreath hangers can hook over most doors.

  • You have a lot of cordless greenery, but do you have any that are corded? Are any of your trees cordless?

    Most of our greenery is cordless to offer greater flexibility in placement and use. These require batteries (usually sold separately), and have a battery box that can be easily hidden.

    We do offer select greenery with corded lights. These typically have larger, brighter lights and a power cord that plugs into a standard (US) wall outlet.

    All of our trees have a single power cord that plugs into a standard (US) wall outlet.

  • What’s the difference between "indoor," "outdoor" and "covered outdoor" greenery?

    “Indoor” greenery features exquisite details like glass baubles and plush velvet ribbons that are not designed to be used outside.

    “Outdoor” greenery (which can be used indoors) is crafted to withstand the elements and features durable ornaments, ribbons and lights that won’t malfunction due to moisture.

    “Covered Outdoor” greenery can be used indoors or outside under a covered area to reduce the effects of direct exposure to the elements. It should be moved indoors during extremely hot or below-freezing weather.

  • How do I change the batteries on battery-operated greenery? How long will the batteries last? Our battery packs are accessible and easy to use. Simply locate the pack, press the clip to pop it open, and change the batteries. Lithium batteries will typically last for about 180 hours.

Majestic Holiday Collection

This stunning assortment captures the rich tones and textures of spruce, eucalyptus, juniper greenery, green berries and pine cones.

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Christmas Storage

Our durable storage pieces carefully preserve your holiday treasures for years to come.

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Design With Frontgate

Get free tips on holiday decorating — or any other project, inside or outside — from our experts.

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