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Is your favorite room in need of a refresh? Discover new ways to express your style and create the look you’ll love — indoors and out.

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Frontgate Forecastings Spring 2023

From water-inspired designs to furniture that stands the tst of time, we‘re breaking down the top five trends of the spring season.

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New Year, New Home

With the new year upon us, we’re walking you through some simple ways to give your home a fresh start.

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  • What size door mat do I need for my front door? Your door mat should match the width of the door or be slightly smaller. Choosing the wrong size can throw off the eye, making your door look small or your mat look out of place. Start by measuring your door; the size of a standard single door perfectly fits our small mat measuring 30" x 48". For a double door, opt for our large mat measuring 36" x 72". To learn more about door mats, read this blog.
  • How many decorative pillows do I need for my sofa or lounge chair? While the exact number will depend on the size of your sofa or chair, the general rule of thumb is to use an odd number of pillows whenever possible. For instance, you could place a single eye-catching lumbar pillow in the center of a sofa, and then add a pillow on each end for a smaller sofa or two on each end for a longer sofa. Whether the pillows are all the same size and shape are up to you – don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • How do I mix patterns? Start with the primary print, and then use that as your inspiration for everything to follow. Pull a color tone from the main fabric, and accentuate that on a smaller scale with stripes, mini geometrics and other patterns. Never mix patterns of the same size. For more tips, check out this blog.
  • What’s the best way to hang my wreath? For a front door, the best way to hang a wreath is with an over-the-door wreath hook. We offer a variety of hook options for every type of door. To hang a lighter weight wreath over a mantel, you can use self-adhesive hooks (available at most home improvement stores) that are rated strong enough to hold the weight of your wreath. However, a heavier wreath may require a nail or molly bolt to be driven into the wall. You can also use self-adhesive hooks to hang a wreath over a mirror to create a dramatic presentation.
  • What size wreath do I need for my door? For a standard 36"-wide front door, we suggest a 24" diameter wreath. We also offer larger wreaths for oversized doors, as well as magnetic hooks and over-the-door wreath hangers that make hanging your wreath a breeze.

Front Door Decor

Long-lasting materials mean you can adorn your door and entryway all year with colorful faux flowers and greenery — without any of the upkeep.

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Design & Style

Picture Perfect Porch

Who doesn’t love a pretty porch display? Decorating for the season is the warmest way to welcome guests and passersby.

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Styling Faux Botanicals Like A Pro

Frontgate's associate merchant Glenna Wilkinson is sharing top tips for buying and styling faux botanicals like a pro.

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First Impressions

Indoor Pillows

Whether you prefer bold colors, pattern play or a textural touch, the right mix of pillows brings fresh inspiration to your favorite spaces.

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Door Mats

Our array of eye-catching door mats makes a statement while keeping your entryway clean.

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Blue Ming Ceramics

A stunning collection of chinoiserie, these beautiful vases and jars are based on authentic works of art passed down from generation to generation.

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In New Light

Brighten your home and make a stylish statement in any room with our unique assortment of lighting solutions.

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