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Everything you need to know about the world’s most beautiful trees, all in one place.

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We’re here to help you find the perfect tree to cherish for years to come.

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Christmas Tree Decorating: A Little, a Lot or over the Top

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How can we help you?

  • I bought a tree/greenery over a year ago and the lights don’t work this year. What should I do?

    Every tree purchased on or after August 20, 2019, comes with a limited three-year warranty on foliage, frame, tips and factory-installed lights. For trees purchased prior to August 20, 2019, please contact Customer Service at 888-263-9850 for warranty information.

    First, try to troubleshoot the issue using the troubleshooting guide that came with your tree or using our online guide

    If, after troubleshooting, you still cannot get the factory-installed lights to work, contact Customer Service at 888-263-9850 to file a warranty claim. If the lights are still under warranty and are not damaged because of misuse, neglect or intentional alteration, we may send a new strand of lights to weave into the area where the lights aren’t working.

    We do not have sections of trees to send, and we do not replace trees with malfunctioning lights if they are within the 3-year warranty period for the lights.

  • How long should you expect to keep an artificial Christmas tree? The benefit of a high-quality artificial tree is that – with proper storage and use – it is a long-term investment that can be enjoyed for many years. Tree branches, needles, hardware and LED lights should last at least 10 years.
  • What is the difference among the tree varieties available at Frontgate?

    Each tree we offer has a distinct, realistic look that varies by size, needle length, texture, color, branch shape and density. We offer a greater tip density so that every tree looks fuller and more alive than other trees on the market. And every tree is ready for your decorations.

    Fraser Fir: This popular tree has soft, silvery-green needles and stiff, spaced branches perfect for hanging ornaments.

    Balsam Fir: A traditional Christmas tree, it features beautiful dark-green needles with airy branches.

    Noble Fir: This tree has deep green needles with sturdy, tiered branches. Noble Firs are a rare variety unique to the West Coast.

    Douglas Fir: Native to the West Coast, these have soft, dark blue-green branches with 1- to 1-1/2-inch needles that spread in every direction from the branches.

    Freshly Fallen Snowcrest: This features a realistic dusting of artificial snow on its lush foliage.

    Alpine Spruce: We call this one our “decorator’s delight” due to the open branches and natural pockets that make it an ideal tree for showcasing larger, more elaborate ornaments.

    Starry Night Microlight: This lifelike Fraser fir is a seasonal spectacle, adorned with up to 9,300 microlights on the largest size.

    Gallatin Pine: Inspired by trees on the mountains of Montana’s Gallatin National Forest, this tree has a slender silhouette and is designed with natural pockets for decorating.

    Sparkling Snow Color Changing: Bearing a dense layer of glittered flocking, this tree features an eight-function lighting control in Warm White, Multicolor and Color-changing settings.

    Blue Spruce: This tree duplicates the characteristic silvery needles and perfect-pyramid shape of the famed Colorado Blue Spruce.

    Oregon Pine Color Changing: A lush evergreen with lighting options: Select Warm White or Multicolor steady lights, or choose the color-changing or twinkle functions.

    The Wonder Tree: This translucent-white tree is also our “greenest,” with needles constructed from recycled plastic bottles. LEDs can be switched between Warm White and Multicolor.

    Telluride Fir: Hundreds of warm white LEDs are interspersed with larger, round bulbs. This variation creates unexpected focal points on this lush, lifelike evergreen.

    Learn more about each tree we offer in our convenient Tree Gallery

  • What types of lights are on Frontgate trees and greenery, and how long should they be left on?

    Most of our artificial trees and greenery are pre-lit with hand-strung lights that are ready to use when properly assembled.

    All of our 7-1/2-foot and larger trees have energy-efficient, long-lasting LEDs (light emitting diodes). You should not leave your tree on all day when using any type of light. Either set a timer, or manually turn your tree lights on when you are home and awake to enjoy them, and turn off if you are away or sleeping.

    Although LED bulbs remain cool to the touch, they should be left off for extended periods of time to give the wire and power box time to cool.

    Much of our greenery – including garlands and wreaths – comes with built-in, in-line timers (unless otherwise noted in the product’s Overview).

  • From what are your tree tips made?

    Our trees feature molded Polyethylene (PE) tips on the outer tips of each branch and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) needles towards the center of the tree.

    PE is used in the creation of realistic, state-of-the-art trees that are modeled to replicate the appearance of real evergreens. Branch specimens are gathered from the forest, molded and then infused with the PE polymer to create the most lifelike trees on the market.

    Traditional artificial Christmas tree needles have been made from PVC since they were first introduced to the market. The material is pressed into thin, rectangular needle-like strips and affixed by wire.

  • Am I able to purchase replacement bulbs?

    We offer free replacement strands for trees under warranty.

    We do not offer single replacement bulbs, but your tree will come with several extra bulbs in the accessories kit. To replace a single bulb:

    Step 1: Find the burnt-out bulb. A burnt-out bulb is usually pretty easy to spot because it has a black spot in the center or all over. Even if the bulb is colored, the burnt-out bulb will be black inside.

    Step 2: Remove the burnt-out bulb. Pull upward to get the burnt-out bulb out of the socket of the string of lights.

    Step 3: Insert a new bulb. Take a good replacement bulb from the accessories kit that came with your tree, and insert it in the socket.

  • What is the difference between a "full" and a "slim" tree? “Full” trees are wider in girth, while “slim” trees have a narrow profile. Slim trees are excellent for small or narrow spaces, while full trees become the focal point of grand rooms.
  • What does it mean that my lights will last for 3 seasons or 3,000 hours? Do trees have timers?

    We describe the holiday season as November 1 through January 15, or approximately 10 weeks. If your tree is lit for 12 hours a day, it will last approximately 250 days, which is about three 10-week seasons.

    Many of our trees and greenery – including garlands and wreaths – do come with built-in, in-line timers (as noted in each product’s Overview).

  • How should my tree and greenery be stored? There are several ways to store your tree and greenery. Do not store them in their shipping boxes. We offer a variety of quality solutions from standing tree bags to rolling boxes. It is important that all branches are folded gently with limited pressure to prevent damage. View the assortment here.
  • How many ornaments are recommended for each size tree?

    To achieve the fully decorated look you see in our catalogs and on our website, we have different recommendations for each size tree:

    6-ft. Tree: 125 ornaments, 1 tree topper, 1 tree skirt, 6–7 feet of garland, 8 picks/floral stems and 10 yards of ribbon

    7-1/2-ft. Tree: 150 ornaments, 1 tree topper, 1 tree skirt, 8–9 feet of garland, 10 picks/floral stems and 12 yards of ribbon

    9-ft. Tree: 175 ornaments, 1 tree topper, 1 tree skirt, 10–11 feet of garland, 12 picks/floral stems and 14 yards of ribbon

    10-ft. Tree: 200 ornaments, 1 tree topper, 1 tree skirt, 12–13 feet of garland, 14 picks/floral stems and 16 yards of ribbon

    12-ft. Tree: 225 ornaments, 1 tree topper, 1 tree skirt, 14–15 feet of garland, 16 picks/floral stems and 18 yards of ribbon

  • How do I troubleshoot my tree if the lights do not work? Each tree section has a small connector box that needs to be tightly secured together, or the entire section will not light. If you have a section out, it is usually because one or more of the connector boxes is not snugly connected. These connector boxes are green, approximately 1" long and are located at the bottom of each section close to the center pole. Depending on how large the section of the tree is, there may be multiple boxes to check.
  • My tree is crooked. What went wrong? Incorrect installation or a loose bolt can cause a tree to tilt. Check the eyebolts that came with your tree, and make certain they are properly installed.
  • Can artificial trees be used outside? We do not recommend using an artificial tree outdoors unless it is designed and described specifically as being “for outdoor use.”
  • How do I change a fuse?

    Spare fuses are provided in the accessories kit that came with your tree. To change a fuse:

    Step 1: Unplug the tree.

    Step 2: Slide up the cover on the plug as indicated by the direction arrow.

    Step 3: Remove the blown fuse by wedging a small screwdriver or Allen wrench underneath to pry it up.

    Step 4: Replace with the spare fuse provided in the accessories kit that came with your tree.


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