Everything you need to find the brightest and best quality tree is right this way. No axes or snowshoes required.

Striking Realism

Modeled from fresh branches and cuttings, our trees are incredibly lifelike – down to the new-growth needles and nuanced color.


Each of our trees come with a lifetime warranty on foliage and a 3-year warranty on lights.

Safety First

All our tree lights meet nationally recognized Standards for Safety and are UL-Approved.


How To Set Up The Deluxe Estate Tree

Our #1 selling Deluxe Estate trees come pre-lit and easy to set up, with a handy storage bag included. Watch our simple tutorial to learn how.

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Decorating With Ornaments

See how we get the quintessential Frontgate Christmas tree look.

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How-Tos & Inspiration

How To Choose The Perfect Tree

All the tips you’ll need for finding the Christmas Tree that’s right for you.

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5 Things You Need For The Holiday Season

Cross these five things off your list to guarantee a festive holiday season.

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Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the tree varieties available at Frontgate?

    Fraser: popular due to its soft, silvery-green needle composition and stiff, spaced branches perfect for hanging ornaments, Fraser Firs are ready for decorating.

    Balsam: beautiful dark-green needles with airy branches, the Balsam fir is the traditional tree of Christmas.

    Nobel: Deep green in color with sturdy, tiered branches, Noble Firs are a rare variety unique to the West Coast.

    Blue Spruce: Native to the Rocky Mountains, the Blue Spruce is known for the bluish hue of its needles.

    Silver Tip: The Silver Tip is known for its spaced apart branches that make it perfect for ornament display, as well as the unique, silver-like tint of its needles. A rare beauty.

    Norway Spruce: Native to central and northern Europe, the Norway Spruce is an ornamental evergreen known for its long, dark green needles and stalwart branches.

  • How do the Frontgate Tree collections differ from one another? Our trees vary in size, shape, variety, number of lights, type of lights, type of bulb, and total number of tips. They also vary based on what is included with the tree. To view each one, visit our Tree Gallery where each style can be found with comprehensive information.
  • What is the difference between molded PE tips and PVC needles?

    PVC is short-hand for Polyvinyl Chloride. Traditional artificial Christmas tree needles have been made from PVC since they were first introduced to the market. The material is pressed into thin, rectangular needle-like strips and affixed by wire.

    PE is short-hand for Polyethylene. This material is used in the creation of realistic, state-of-the-art trees that are modeled to replicated the appearance of real evergreens. Branch specimens are gathered from the forest, molded, and then infused with the PE polymer to create the most lifelike trees on the market.

  • What does the term “flocked” mean? A “flocked” tree is adorned with artificial snow for a wintery look.
  • What is the difference between a full and slim tree? Full trees are wider in girth, while slim trees have a narrow profile. Slim trees are excellent for small or narrow spaces, while full trees become the focal point of grand rooms.
  • How many ornament kits are recommended for each size tree? To achieve the look you see in our catalogs and on our website, we recommend five kits for a 7-12 foot tree.
  • My tree is crooked, what went wrong? Check the eyebolts that came with your tree, and double check they are properly installed. Oftentimes incorrect installation can cause a tree to tilt.
  • What does it mean that my lights will last for 3 seasons or 3,000 hours? We describe the holiday season as November 1 through January 15, or approximately 10 weeks. If your tree is lit for 12 hours a day, it will last approximately 250 days, which is about three 10-week seasons.
  • What types of lights are on Frontgate trees and how long should they be left on? Our tree lights are either incandescent or LED. You should not leave your tree on all day. Turn it on when you are home and awake to enjoy it, and turn it off if you are away or sleeping.
  • I bought a tree over a year ago and the lights don’t work this year. What should I do?

    Every tree sold in 2013 or later comes with a lifetime warranty on foliage, frame and tips with a three season warranty on lights.

    If your tree has standard incandescent or commercial lighting and you have a strand out, you need to check to see if a bulb is missing or loose. You can purchase a Light Keeper Pro (sold at any retailer selling light strands) to check to see if it is a wiring issue or fuse issue or identify where the problem bulb is in a strand.

    Start at the pole center of each tree branch, and work your way out to the tip checking every bulb in the section to see if it is loose or missing. When you find a burnt bulb, take the husk out of the strand to change the glass bulb. If you still cannot get the lights to work, our Customer Care team can send a strand of lights to weave into the area where the lights aren’t working. We do not have sections of trees to send out nor do we replace trees that are within the 3-year warranty on lights.

  • Where can I find detailed warranty information? Visit this page.
  • Am I able to purchase replacement bulbs? We offer free replacement strands for trees under warranty. We do not offer single replacement bulbs. Your tree will come with several extra bulbs in the accessories kit.
  • How do I change a fuse? Unplug the tree, and slide up the cover on the plug as indicated by the direction arrow. Remove the blown fuse by wedging a small screwdriver or allen wrench underneath to pry it up, and replace with the spare fuse provided in the accessories kit that came with your tree.
  • How do I replace a light?

    Step 1: Find the burnt out Christmas light bulb. A burnt out bulb is usually pretty easy to spot because it has a black spot in the center or all over. Even if the bulb is colored, the burnt out bulb will be black inside.

    Step 2: Pull upward to get the burnt out bulb out of the socket of the string of Christmas lights. Remove your replacement bulb from the accessories kit that came with your tree.

    Step 3: Securely insert the good bulb in the socket where the burnt bulb was.

  • How do I troubleshoot my Quick Light Tree? The Quick Light tree sections have small connector boxes that need to be tightly secured together or the entire section will not light. If you have a section out, it is usually because it has one or more connector boxes not snugly connected. These connector boxes are green and approximately 1" long and are located at the bottom of each section close to the center pole. Depending on how large the section of the tree is, there may be multiple boxes to check.
  • How should my tree be stored? There are several ways to store your tree. Do not store it in its shipping box. We offer a variety of quality solutions from standing tree bags to rolling boxes. It is important that branches be folded gently with limited pressure to prevent damage. View the assortment here.