Accessorize your way to a new style

Are you feeling decidedly “meh” about a space in your home? Maybe it doesn’t energize or calm you the way it once did, or maybe you’re just ready for a new style.

Whatever look you’d like to build, decorative accents are your no-fuss building blocks. Here are some easy ways to refresh any room – no remodeling or painting required.


Given their prominence on chairs and sofas, decorative pillows are uniquely positioned to introduce a new color to a space, and even shift the overall mood and style.

  • If your decor is feeling a little “flat,” pillows with embellishments and texture can add a layer of depth. Consider details like embroidery and beading, as well as fabrics like faux fur and velvet.
  • Even the most traditional space will feel fresher and bolder when accented with pillows in animal prints or a medley of coordinating patterns.
  • In contrast, pillows with classic designs, like damask or medallions, will offer welcome warmth if the lines of a room are a little too clean.


Ready to make a bolder move toward a new look? Then it’s time to consider how this essential layer can help you get there.

  • Flat-weave styles will move a space in a casual or natural direction.
  • Rugs with sculpted and tightly tufted construction (and often detailed designs) add undeniable dimension and depth.
  • Hand-knotted heirloom rugs have a storied, artisanal feel that can add visual intrigue in any space.
  • For a more moderate shift, try a light-toned or neutral rug that subtly nods to an accent color.


For shaping the mood (and function) of a room, it’s difficult to overstate the impact of lighting.

  • Add a floor lamp, table lamp, pendant or chandelier to quite literally create a new space – transforming a forgotten corner into a reading nook or a utilitarian kitchen island into a hosting hub.
  • For a simple, relaxed vibe, consider fixtures with natural materials like wood or wicker.
  • To take the aesthetic into more formal territory, look for materials like crystal, glass and marble.
  • Don’t be afraid to use fixtures with different finishes. Mixing metals and materials can create a more interesting and inviting look.


Vases, along with other tabletop accents, are that extra bit of mortar that supports a room’s new aesthetic.

  • Use organic shapes to help a traditional space feel more contemporary.
  • Or bring depth to modern decor through historically derived yet high-contrast designs.
  • For a simple pop of color and interest, no matter your style, consider bold hues or designs, or an arrangement of mixed patterns.

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