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Artist Spotlight: Kristine Lucco, Muralist

SOBE, Artist Spotlight
Muralist, artist and owner of Artistic Creations Kristine Lucco has had a lifelong passion for painting. Primarily creating murals, trompe l’oeil, and handpainted furniture, Kristine has caused quite the spectacle around South Florida with her art; the grand scale and awe-inspiring designs are impossible to walk past without stopping to gawk. She recently painted the...

Frontgate Fall Forecast: Seasonal Trends we Love

Many factors influence each year’s seasonal trends. 2022 has seen overarching themes centered around lifestyle shifts that were ultimately triggered by the pandemic – inspired by the response we saw in retail, restaurant and hospitality environments that are now influencing our homes. We are accepting the changes these past years have brought and embracing a...

Which Upholstery Is Right for You?

various material swatches
Having the option to select a piece of furniture that's just your style and fits right into your life is wonderful, but it's not always easy to know what type of upholstery to select (especially with so many amazing options!). Each comes with its own benefits, whether functional or aesthetic. To help make the decision...