The Perfect Match (or Mix): Coordinating Bar Stools and Dining Chairs

We can’t help but love open-concept living spaces. They have a certain ease and flow that helps us feel connected.

But those unencumbered sight lines do present their challenges. One common pain point: how to coordinate bar stools and dining chairs so they complement each other and the space at large. Here are four ways to add interest without sacrificing cohesion.

Coordinate Through Patterns

For a straightforward path to a unified design, choose bar stools and dining chairs that have the same style and silhouette – in this case, traditional and armless. Then, introduce a printed upholstery for one seat that visually connects to the other seat.

The antique-inspired design on the Bexley Dining Side Chair coordinates with classic wingback design of the Brosnan Side Chair.

Highlight a Standout Seat

When your barstools or dining room chairs are a feast for the eyes – like our wingback Montclair Dining Arm Chair – the other seating choice should simply serve a supporting role, matching the style without competing for attention. The Whitman Dining Chair shares Whitman’s traditional style yet steers toward subdued with a gently low-swept arms and double-caned seat back.

Play with Styles

Choosing bar stools and dining chairs that belong to different design styles can take your look in a fresh, transitional direction. The mixed-materials Roco Bar Stool feels more modern while the Adeline Dining Chair has a classic refinement. But for the space to feel cohesive, it’s important for them to share some similarities. In this pairing, both seats have cool tones and clean-lined silhouettes. The wood seat of the bar stool also matches the tone of the dining table, providing an additional connection.

Create Uniformity

It doesn’t take much variation for open living spaces to feel overly busy. So if you have stellar light fixtures, big-impact artwork or a sofa that already strays from the style of the room, matching bar stools and dining chairs can be a wise choice – as we’ve done here with our Gramercy bar stools and dining chairs. As high-visibility furnishings, these coordinating pieces can bring a sense of continuity to the entire space.

As you can see, bar stools and dining chairs present an opportunity to shift the focus and style of your living space. And given the sheer number of frames and upholstery options we offer, you’re sure to find the perfect pairing.