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Chef Michael Symon’s 6 Tips to Winning a Backyard Tailgate

Chef Michael Symon and Frontgate
Cleveland native (and loyal Cleveland Browns fan) Chef Michael Symon is not only a highly accomplished, James Beard-award winning chef, but he also enjoys a tailgate as much as the next person. However, when you’re busy running celebrated restaurants and writing New York Times best-selling cookbooks, making it to the game isn’t always an option....

How to Style a Stunning Patriotic Picnic

Frontgate Patriotic Picnic
Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, Frontgate product stylist and mixed media artist Jacob Lynn experienced many patriotic celebrations. The nation’s capital brought annual parades, fireworks displays and endless inspiration for hosting a spectacular outdoor party full of national pride. This year Lynn helped design Frontgate’s patriotic picnic, fit for a Memorial Day or...

Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff’s West Village Garden

Frontgate Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff
All of New York-born interior designer Sasha Bikoff's designs revolve around one word: balance. Her art teeters somewhere between mid-century French designs and Art Deco revival. Juxtaposed between the ever-familiar characteristics of New York City metropolis and stylistic intrigues from abroad, she cultivates an unmistakably identifiable result. After studying at George Washington University and American...