Whether you’re the king of the catered dinner party or the goddess of backyard barbeques, there are certain essentials that every host-with-the-most should have on hand for everything from impromptu get-togethers to formal soirees. Read on to learn what must-haves should be added to your entertaining repertoire.


Optima Chill Cell Beverage Dispenser

Ideal for serving anything from cucumber water to chilled sangria, this beverage dispenser has unrivaled advanced cooling technologies. Dual ice chambers (one suspended in the reservoir and one in the base) ensure all your drinks stay cold for hours on end without dilution. The base is even double walled so condensation won’t build up on the outside. Brilliant!


Weston Wine Caddy

The centerpiece for a casual get-together. Bottles of wine on hand? Check. Wine glasses for all the gals? Check. Snacks to keep the hang out going? Check. Bring this caddy outside on the patio, or place it on the coffee table for an all-in-one entertaining caddy for any room.



For larger parties, this tiered wrought iron and marble serving platter does double duty. Appetizers rest comfortably on the two lower tiers, while the top features a glass cloche that can cover cheeses, or be flipped and used as a vase for seasonal blooms.


Contessa Entertainers Collection

If you entertain frequently, then you want to have dinnerware that can withstand the wear and tear. The Contessa Collection is crafted with performance in mind. Reinforced china is double-fired to increase durability, making it rival commercial-use dinnerware.


Granite Base Wine Opener

Keep the wine flowing and the party going. With a solid granite base, this wine opener is up to the task of uncorking the night away, and it looks stately on the bar or countertop when not in use. Functional and stylish – what could be better?


Folding Table & Chairs

Just because your dining table only seats a few people doesn’t mean you can’t host all your friends and family. Not only do our folding tables and chairs look like stationary furniture, but they also collapse with ease after everyone goes home. So go ahead and blast out that e-invitation!


Imelda Bar Cart

A well-appointed bar cart is a great way to encourage guests to play bartender and whip up their favorite mixed drinks. It’s ideal for a relaxed atmosphere; just make sure to set out a filled ice bucket, a cocktail shaker, mixers and glasses, and let the rest take care of itself.

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August 27, 2018