Colors and patterns: How to coordinate in your favorite spaces

While it’s tempting to shy away from introducing multiple colors and/or patterns into the same room, it’s actually an easy (and time-tested) tactic for bringing cohesion to a space and accentuating favorite furnishings. Here are a few ways to get started.

Let a bold pattern shine by using its palette to select solid-colored upholstery. Here, the gray and teal sectional and pillows build a solid base but, more importantly, draw attention to the damask upholstery on the chairs.

To infuse a simple, two-tone color story with interest and depth, mix up your patterns and saturations. Elements in this seating area range from deep indigo on the Ming jars to ocean-hued stripes on the lounge chair’s cushions. The storied delicacy of the painted jars is balanced by the graphic freshness of a Moroccan fretwork design on the pillows.

To kick up the drama in spaces with relatively neutral seating, select a couple of colors from the upholstery and introduce accessories in a slightly more intense tone. The saturated colors and velvet construction of these pillows make the space feel richer and warmer.

A more eclectic look requires a bit more coordination to feel cohesive, but the resulting warmth is well worth the effort. Here, floral designs on the upholstery, pillow and painting share a simple silhouette style. Likewise, a pillow on the sofa picks up a hint of the teal from the chairs, as well as gold from the artwork above. A cream tone then functions as a bonding agent, running throughout the space and setting the stage for unexpected rust-toned accents and a textural faux fur pillow.

Even an attention-grabbing focal point, like our Milly Sofa in Moonlight Mariko velvet, can coordinate beautifully with other eye-catching colors and designs. The key is to repeat the concepts in a way that is slightly more demure. In this space, gilded and iridescent vases and wine-toned velvet pillows nod to the sofa’s floral pattern. But because they have a more reserved style, they serve a supporting, rather than competing, role.

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