Colors and patterns: How to coordinate in your favorite spaces

The result of successfully mixing color and pattern is an eye-catching effect few other design elements can achieve. The right combination can create cohesion and a sense of balance, and it can even help define your space’s style. While there’s no wrong way to blend color and pattern, there are a few simple tips for harmoniously unifying the two.

One of easiest ways to work with pattern is to build your design around it. Begin by selecting a pattern that speaks to you and use it as the framework for concepting the rest of your design. Consider the prominent colors within your patterned piece, and carry them throughout the room. Here, pattern is brought in by way of the blue accent chairs. Solid colored blue throw pillows are then sprinkled throughout to unify the pattern with the other pieces in the room, making the space feel inspired and intentional.

Love a good neutral palette but feel like it’s just missing something? Stay true to your hue and anchor your aesthetic with a natural colored yet patterned area rug. This room’s calming style is complimented by the rug’s large-scale pattern; it covers a greater surface area and ties into the design as a whole. Small-scale patterns tend to be more concentrated and disruptive. Choosing the right pattern all depends on what you are wanting to achieve.

A common reason for not experimenting with bold patterns is the assumption that too much attention might be given to the printed piece. A pro way of avoiding this scenario is by using symmetry in your space. Having two patterned pieces across from each other helps to serve as a line of continuity throughout your room, creating an aesthetically pleasing and balanced design.

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December 20, 2023