What You Need for Alfresco Entertaining

Your outdoor space should match your lifestyle. And while some of us host family and close friends every weekend, others entertain or dine outdoors only once in a while.

Our extensive collection of outdoor furnishings is curated with these differences in mind. From folding serving carts to indoor-quality cabinetry, we have the essentials that will make your outdoor affairs feel effortless and stylish – no matter their frequency.

Occasionally outdoors

If you typically eat or entertain indoors, or have to leave patio or deck space clear for play and other activities, look for small-space furnishings that are ready to host when called upon. Our bistro tables and chairs have minimal footprints, and feel appropriate for everything from morning coffee to an evening nightcap. And don’t forget our convenient Weston Wine Caddies, transportable from indoors to out, which hold your wine and glasses and have removable ceramic pieces for nuts and hors d’oeuvres.

Frequently alfresco

If your outdoor space splits its time between hosting gatherings and welcoming more solitary pursuits –like gardening or settling in with a good book –multifunctional furniture can beautifully cater to both scenarios. Many of our outdoor tables also conceal beverage tubs, including Asher and Brooks, and the Frances Teak Buffet could serve as anything from a beverage console to a potting station. If you opt for the soiree, add our 100% acrylic Cabo Drinkware.

Always outside

If the great outdoors is your main hub for hosting, outfit it accordingly, with substance and style. Our Luca Buffet Table, for example, has as much serving space, storage and style as any indoor buffet. (Just look at that brass-finished hardware and textured starburst finish.) Our Westport Outdoor Kitchen Collection expands on that concept – and the possibilities, allowing you to configure an outdoor kitchen that perfectly fits your needs, yet rearranges easily. Just fill the beverage tubs, insert a mini fridge, add a pizza oven … and forget your indoor kitchen even exists.

To make any outing all the more relaxing, don’t forget to bring out the melamine dinnerware and other low-fuss entertaining essentials. And show us how you #frontgate by following @frontgate on Instagram and sharing your photos.

February 1, 2024
February 1, 2024