What’s Your Outdoor Style?

As warmer weather lures us outdoors for longer days and sun-filled fun, it’s time to think about how your outside space reflects your personal style. While you want to make sure the look you land on blends with the rest of your home, these spaces also leave room for decorating fun and experimentation. Not sure where to start? Take our quiz to discover the perfect outdoor furniture collections to fit your unique taste.

Pool party or cocktail party? Rosé or margarita? Your answers to these questions (and more) could reveal your outdoor style …

1. It’s time for a vacation! Where are you headed?
A. Rome – for classic architecture (and pasta, of course)
B. Los Angeles – for some California dreaming
C. Marrakech – for gorgeous tiles and bustling souks


2. Your ideal summer sip is:
A. White wine sangria
B. Rosé all day
C. Margarita on the rocks


3. You’d describe your home as:
A. Classic and timeless
B. Clean and contemporary
C. A stylish blend of pieces you love

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
A. Gardening
B. Sunbathing
C. Lounging with a good book


5. What’s your favorite summer accessory?
A. Stylish straw hat
B. Trendy sunglasses
C. Funky sandals


6. Guests are coming – what kind of party do you throw?
A. Garden party
B. Pool party
C. Cocktail party



Your outdoor furniture would be right at home in an English Garden or on the streets of Paris. You love all things classic and refined, and your outdoor space is a reflection of that. When it comes to outdoor furniture, it doesn’t get more classic than our solid-cast aluminum frames. With their timeless style and comfort, you and your guests will always feel right at home.

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Sleek details, smooth edges – you live for the now in a way that is of the moment but will withstand the test of time. Teak’s clean lines and versatility pair well with your effortless style. Modern design will keep your outdoor space feeling fresh and inviting.

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You seek inspiration wherever you go, whether it’s your own backyard or across the globe. Your style is rooted by a sense of home and things that bring you joy. You love interesting details and unexpected elements. The tactile nature of all-weather wicker brings a warmth you crave – and adds even more visual interest to your own unique look.

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On the cusp? Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Our collections are meant to stand together as well as apart. Let your imagination be your guide.

Not sure where to start? Our team of experts has all the answers – and tips for creating the outdoor space of your dreams.

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