6 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Pool Party

The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising. It’s time to peel back those pool covers and dive in. Since nothing says summer quite like a pool party, we’re breaking down the 6 essentials you need to make yours sensational.

1. Select the Right Outdoor Furniture

Everyone should have the best seat in the house. Around the pool this means chaises and seating sets. Pair chaises with side tables for a place to put all those summertime accessories: sunglasses, sunscreen or beverages. Don’t forget the shade – umbrellas provide some much-needed relief to sunny summer days, letting everyone have a home base to come back to when not in the pool. Having an outdoor dining space is another essential addition that allows guests to sit and enjoy a snack or meal in a more communal setting.

2. Pool Floats & Accessories

They came for the pool, so having all the right gear is key for a successful bash. Since guests will likely alternate wading, swimming and floating, be sure to have a variety of floats and poolside seats set out. Add some floating drink caddies to keep beverages conveniently within arm’s reach.

3. Bar & Kitchen

What’s a pool party without food and drinks? If you have an outdoor kitchen and bar, have them stocked with easy-to-grab provisions so guests can help themselves when they’re taking a break from swimming. Rolling bar carts are a great alternative to a stationary bar. Just top with an ice bucket (some bar carts are even equipped with built-in beverage tubs), glasses and plenty of drink options and set poolside for a help-yourself-bar that goes where the guests are.

4. The Right Lighting

Evening swim anyone? Turn your pool party into a soirée by simply incorporating the right outdoor lighting. Place lanterns around the pool to keep the perimeter well-lit. Hang string lights for overhead brightness and added ambience. Add some rechargeable outdoor table lighting. Then throw some glow balls into the pool for a playful element that will amplify the party feel.

5. Towels at the Ready

There’s nothing worse than jumping out of a pool and scouring the deck for a pool towel. When hosting your pool party, you’ll need a plethora of large, resort-quality towels available for guests. Grab a towel rack or basket and place it near a highly frequented place, such as right by the steps of the pool, so guests aren’t wandering aimlessly to dry off. A tip is to have an assortment of colors and patterns so that each guest has a towel that is distinct from the rest.

6. Music & Games

Music is at the heart of every good gathering, but it can especially turn up the volume of an outdoor party. Having a feel-good summery playlist and some speakers will let everyone settle in and embrace the environment. While everyone loves lounging around a pool, the allure of sitting around can fade after a while. To mitigate this, lay out some outdoor games for those guests who want a change of pace.

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